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Howdy folks, to preserve “sticky space” at the top of the forum here this thread was created to maintain a list of useful reference threads in one easy-to-find place. If anyone has any suggestions for additional threads for this list, please send a pm to either Vassilis or Glarawyn.

  1. The Adventurer’s Handbook (Table of Contents)
  2. Adventurer Website by Kaelien
  3. Results of 1k+ AMS Multiplier Testing by Jayde
  4. Where to find Adventurer nanos by Glarawyn
  5. Viable Weapons (and other Options) by Gothy (Needs updates for LE)
  6. Backstabbing Explained by Shelana
  7. Ring of the Falcon Talon Guide (Adventurer Profession Ring) by Katth
  8. Symbiants for Adventurers by Glarawyn
  9. Atrox Adventurer Twink by Niles
  10. Ranged Adventurer Guide by Nwalker
  11. Guide to Adventurer Research Actions (Procs) by Glarawyn

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Lots of good stuff, but pretty out of date… for instance, what are a decent late-game pistol these days? Haven’t played adv since K’O were decent…



I’m going to hazard a guess as a melee advy and say Reflex Pistol is a quick upgrade. Reflex itself upgrades to the Twitch Pistol, but see Twitch Pistol’s Auno entry for a comparison between Twitch and a Peregrine Mk 6.

I’d ask @Timba though, as I know he’s a ranged advy and I saw him in Old Athen just the other day on his shiny upgraded Beast weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:



@Redtricks Those are mostly for PvP.
I theorised a bit in these two threads:

Conclusions mostly are:
PVP: Troa’Ler Pistol + Peh’Wer Pistol
PVM non SL: Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol + Twitch Pistol
PVM SL: JEPP + Peh’Wer Pistol (due to ACs, min dmg > max)

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Yup. I vaguely remember that ranged crit thread, which is why it was good to see you on the forums/ingame. At least someone’s got answers based on experience!



Depends on what you like to shoot. Timba gave you a good list when to use what. Personally I couldn’t be bothered by switching stuff other then when I did PvP. But for every PvM encounter, I went Twitch and JEPP and added as much Energy damage as possible.



For PvM and SL mobs, isnt melee capable doing more dmg?