As of now, what is BiS for an Adventurer? didn't have a lot to say

Is BiS for a 220 adventurer melee or ranged? If ranged what weapons? I have heard of anything between a BBI Faithful 1000, to a Troa’Ler, to a Twitch Pistol, to a Peh’Wer Pistol. Also, what is the best armor, and hud/deck items. Is most of the Subway Raid gear now BiS for a 220 Advi?


PvM or PvP? Ranged is hands down the winner for PvP and PvM I think there both similar with ranged maybe even winning with the new BBI wep. Full add dmg/crit setup for melee in the good leet form is not bad though. I will post a BiS for ranged and melee in PvP situations but knowing I swap 4-5 hud, util, armor depending on situation and as many as 10+ items if I am dueling.

PvM DD melee setup: you can swap leet or for saber.

Melee PvP Setup:

Ranged PvP setups:

Offensive setup - Ranged advy - Offensive

Defensive setup - Ranged advy - Defensive