Online resources?


So, does anyone have links to online resources that are about builds, classes, etc?


#2 used to have some great build and other guides, but it seems to be redirecting to these forums? I’m not sure if that means they closed (are closing?) them down in favor of these forums, but if they do, I hope they migrated those guides somewhere. :disappointed: has lots of good info, especially mission walk throughs.

Almost forgot, SWL Gear and Theorycraft has lots of useful numbers and info.


thank you!!! I’m sure this will be very helpful for me since I’m getting back into the game after a long break! :smiley_cat:


Even Wayback Machine doesn’t have anything saved from Unofficial Secret World Legends Forums (expect front page, nothing from forum) so all the builds and other guides are gone for now.

I really hope devs behind that site lets people have access the the stuff so we can at least move the guides into this official forum without need to retype everything…

So for now, we got TSWDB, Extraordinary Gear and Theorycraft (spreadsheet), Agents (spreadsheet) and CryGaia

Some stuff at Unfair may still be true, but it’s mostly outdated information.

Monster kill achievement guides are found at TheBadgerss forums.

Almost every mod will be found at Curse - SWL.

And don’t forget there is lots of helpful people at custom #Sanctuary chat ingame.


And it looks like some things are rolling into Orochi Labs in this forum as well.


thank you too! This is great! I had forgotten about Sanctuary!


Kudos to the guys that ran swl-forums while we waited for this! Much appreciated

You can search thru the Reddit for SWL. MerlinAesalon posted a number of builds and how-to’s there.


Would you happen to know if they moved any of those guides anywhere? There were some great ‘daily mission’ guides and the big one with all the weapon builds for each weapon type (primary, secondary, off-hand).


awesome! thanks for the head’s up!


I wish they wouldn’t have put a hard redirect in place. There was good info over there and I’m sure that not every topic has been moved to these forums, yet.