Custom Global Chats - incl. the LFG chat channel that *doesn't* keep you in Argatha!

This post is to advertise that Secret World (both versions) alllows you to join and use Custom channels as well as the prebuilt options. This means that you can chat regardless of which zone you’re playing in.

2 Script files allow a player to join custom chats such as #LFG , #sanctuary or others automatically whenever they log on. You can read more about these scripts and other useful channels to join, in this TSW forum thread by Hatkake - Fustratingly I’m unable to include a link in my post but google: TSW Scripts for Customchats Hatkake will take you to his guide.

The benefit of using the LFG channel is that it can be seen by people wherever they play (they need to subscribe to it of course). This seems a much better option than hanging around Argatha because the local inbuilt ‘Looking for Group’ or ‘General’ channels are popular.

At the moment #LFG is very undersubcribed (you can see who’s in a custom chat channel by using the /chat list blahblah command). It’s got potential, if the community use it more…

If you think this would be handy, please spread the word :slight_smile:


Nice of you to spread the info :slight_smile:

Also, many folks (usually TSW vets) often use #noobmares channel to find groups.


Thanks for the tip Mikail :slight_smile:

Great idea ! :slight_smile:

I think you only need 1 script nowadays - auto_teleport isn’t necessary.

Auto_teleport runs on every zone, so while it’s not strictly necessary, sometimes people can be disconnected from chat channels, so auto_teleport will reconnect them easily.

I have noticed that (I think) if you log out a character, then change your mind auto_login doesn’t fire. Might be a reason to keep auto_teleport.

I’ll see about sneaking global #lfg into my sample script too.