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Hello there people

You have probably noticed if you want some change in SWL, we need to take the initiative like Drenneth’s PVP event.
You might guess the chat gives access to a small amount of discussion work outside the Agartha. As a consequence, some communities have created specific channels, website or discord to chat, regroup and help players, wherever they are in the game.

Here, a non-exhaustive list of those channels IG, for players (newbie or veterant) :

#Event : The only chan visible everywhere in the game. Usually active during IG events, for gathering groups or informations about the current event. Drenneth use this one for the pvp event.
To join this channel : /chat join event

#Sanctuary : A chan where people simply help each other. The community will answer any question about the game. To join this channel : /chat join sanctuary

#Noobmares : A channel for players who are willing to begin the HL content of the game. The community can help you with HL contents. People also enjoy helping each other during levelling (quests, dungeons, scenarios,etc.) To join this channel : /chat join noobmares

#Badgers : A community that loves achievement farming. Players can also find people to farm with them on the other weekdays. To join this channel : /chat join badgers

#PVP : A channel created for those who wish to make PVP (it’s sill a live). Opportunity to find groups or people to do PVP. To join this channel : /chat join PVP (Drenneth will use for the futur event pvp)

The auto_login script : this script can help for automatically the specific chan at each login. A tutoriel to help you with the auto_login script :

For the part about forums, discord or calendar how could be use for grouping here are some links:

The noobmare community forum : and sign up for events on the calendar.

Faster01 and Pilgrim7 create a calendar ENJIN and Discord’s server to centralize and regroup the activity for all community

Faster’s ENJIN calendar :

Pilgrim’s LFG Discord :

The Social GUI : This tool ease the group forming by allowing players to sign-up for different kind of activities (lairs, dungeons, quests or even RP for example).

I hope this post will help some of you might use those media, and maybe we shall meet on one of those ! Till then, have fun.

Morion Ravencroft the last member of the Butter Army


@MorionR Thanks you :wink:

We need more initiative like that :smiley: