Game is quiet or I'm missing something? (newcomer)

Hello, I just joined the game and having a blast, I really like this game, I see people around for the most part, which is reassuring, but what is bothering me is that I rarely see people talk in chat. I typed /chat join Sanctuary, but there are no one talking there either. Am I missing something? I just don’t want to wait for PvP queues later for hours just for one match. I guess what I am asking, how populated this game compared to other MMOs?

The population is small. Exact numbers for the whole are unknown, but there are some numbers for the Steam client. The Steam numbers are not encouraging.

As of the reboot in 2017, this game lost its “MMO” label and became a “story driven ARPG” (a marketing trick if you ask me), so Funcom is probably not worrying that much about those numbers.

PVP is also really quiet in SWL. Even during busy times, there are fairly few Shambala matches going on. There are occasional Saturdays when there is a community push to get people to sign up for it, but those aren’t common.
If PVP is one of your main focuses, then sadly, you’re likely to be disappointed.

By far, the best way to see conversation is to say stuff and see who responds. A lot of the time, people fall out of the habit of calling out into Sanctuary as they join cabals or the like, but they’re still around.

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You will wait for hours for no PVP matches. I never ever get in even though I check box every day.

A cabal mate of mine, FatherDuffy, hosts themed fight club events periodically(there was just the ‘Spring Formal’ event a week ago), and occasionally you’ll get people forming up Shambala groups in Looking For Group chat.

Since PVP offers almost no rewards and the devs don’t care about it, not many people do it randomly without being poked and prodded into it.

PVP is pretty much dead from what I’ve seen outside of events. I sit in PVP queue all day and am lucky to get it to pop.

If you ask in general or sanctuary chat you can usually find someone to help you through dungeons if the queue isn’t popping. What I’ve had to resort to occasionally.

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That is interesting - we pop pvp in TSW classic daily

In classic, PVP actually gives you something though. In swl it gives you a random green item bag, not even a mission completion for dailies.

And SWL doesn’t have all PVP zones as tsw

Yeah in classic pvp is a way to get MoP’s and get decent loot. The Shambala pvp gives very nice signets.