New Player, looking for community

Just started the other day, i’m a level 11 or so Templar gunslinger. enjoying it so far! Just wondering what the community is like? which faction is the most active? im mostly a pve player but do dabble in pvp.

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There is nothing faction based in the game so it’s not really a matter of which faction is active. The only pvp is randomly assigned teams when you enter.

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And the community here is typically very welcoming and helpful, and not as oriented around factions as they were in The Secret World (as opposed to Secret World Legends). Type “/chat join sanctuary” in the chat window of the game and introduce yourself to join the conversation. It’s a great place to ask for mission hints, advice, and help. Also, if you search on these forums, you’ll also find a plethora of advice for new players that you might find helpful.