Need to play with someone

Hello, will anyone interested to play with a newbie here? I’m still new here but i hope i can play with anyone who’s low level so that we can play together from the early stage. Doesn’t matter if you’re veteran or what not as long your level are still low.

You’ll want to join Sanctuary when you’re playing. It’s a great place to ask for advice and help. /chat join #sanctuary

is that like a guild or something? sorry, still getting used with the game format

It’s a custom chat channel, helpful for new players.

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Hi, hope you’ve had some ingame responses :slight_smile:
You haven’t mentioned what you’ve tried, so I’ll offer this suggestion and hope it is helpful.
Join the Official discord, there is a link to it on the game launcher. The community there will have other players with similar interests. Also, ask for discord links for “League of Monster Slayers”, (LoMS) and Noobmares. They are both larger communities that will help out. ( there are other communities as well ). Don’t give up, the beer/bbq/backyard season has slowed things up a bit, but the game is well worth playing.

Thx for all of the suggestions, might do one of the suggested info here. I’ve been playing up until the zombie area with the sheriff but i like this game, it would be incomplete to play this all alone without a group.

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