Looking for some ppl to join me and a friend on OFFICIAL #1880

so me and my friend are pretty new we just got our first thrall lol…but were hoping to find some more ppl to join our group(mostly me)

i do have a discord we can use (would prefer that) if anyone interested leave a msg here and ill either add yall on steam then send the link or ill just put a perma link into this thread dunno yet

and ill be online for qiuite awhile…

MY timezone is Eastern…

I would be interested. Hit me up, just joined the server!

I wouldn’t mind joining you guys, im looking for people to play conan with as well, none of my friends are into these kinda games lol but hit me up, username is Count Dankula, if that dont work try falloutking307.

That server is very toxic, a lot of clans claiming important places like farming, obelisks, thralls, etc. :rage:

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@ClaireRedfield Hi Claire and welcome to the community. Its so nice to see another Resident Evil fan on the forums. It was also good to see Claire again in the REmake2. She is one of the most underused and underrated characters in the franchise. But I love Claire. Im happy to give you your first like.

Unfortunately I am unable to help you all, as I am an Offline Singleplayer. However I wish you all every success. I hope you enjoy Conan Exiles; its an awesome game.