We are looking for more Players. US East PvP!

Hey all,
I’m looking for others to start a Clan on an Official PvP US/EST Server when the game releases in May.

No, I do not play on Private servers due to Admin Abuse (I don’t care if Admins say they don’t…They all do in some way).

Anyway…Just looking to have fun with a group of people, to build, craft, explore. People that actually are involved in the game please. If you play maybe 1 hour a night you aren’t really helping or contributing, No Offense.

I want a Clan that Clicks together…Those that Click together…Stick together.
Discord is required.

Let me know of interests here please. Thank you. :slight_smile:



Are all of you Soloing? :wink:

Hi MissJessika! I have been playing in Early Access a good bit lately. I am in USA, EST time zone as well. I also would like to play on an official server. So far, I have only been playing on a PVE server. I have 18 years of massive multiplayer online gaming experience. I am not a hardcore pvp player and do not claim to be real skilled at it, but I do enjoy it from time to time. On a Conan Exiles pvp server, are all areas of the map designated as anything goes pvp? Or are there any “safe” type areas lol? I would love to join a clan with you! In the meantime, I may experiment some on a PvP server to see what it is like and how it is different from a PvE server in this game. If you could, please provide me with the server you are playing on now and your character name so that I could easily get in game to chat more with you. I have Discord but do not have a mic at the moment. I am currently on the PvE official server #404, Fireheart is my character name. Please feel free to also message me in the game as well, thanks and hope to hear from you soon MissJessika!!

Nope not soloing. I have a clan of people I wargame with on a private server.

You sound like the type of person I would stick around with and have fun kicking some ■■■. I need to find a group of dedicated bozos and ultimate badasses to tame the exiled lands with aswell.

I agree with you, even if official servers have their cons, in most private servers theres always some sort of admin abuse.

Sadly NA servers are a like 150 ping for me, im on EU. Goodluck on finding the folks you look for.

8th may hype

R u on Xbox or pc?

Let me know where you are playing and we kill them all or if you want we can fight each other, Ultra vs Miss.

On a pvp server you will be completely safe in a Clan building until the enemy kicks in the last door and attacks you, that’s about it. When you transfer to the pvp server, bring a change of underwear.

Lol! Thanks for the info Ultra!

I am on a PC. The Master MMO Race. :wink:

Hi Conan, I will look you up and chat more. Let’s make PvE 404 the official meeting place for those interested.
But…Come release, I’d like a PvP Server of course. See you soon.
Anyone else interested please make a character on 404 and post your name here please.

Thank you.

me :slight_smile: nick: Scaraba
Will the servers be reset on the day of the launch?

Everyone starts fresh and new on May 8th. On Official Servers at least. (Where I will be).
Not sure which PvP Realm yet, but US EST most likely or CST to accommodate others.

I made a character named JessiKat. See you all there to chat. :slight_smile:

Hi Jessi, conan74 here ( character - Fireheart ). I looked for you a few different times on PvE Official Server #404 yesterday but did not see any Jessikat character online. I will still be looking for you on that server and hope to chat soon!!

Lmao I bought it for xbox to avoid mods. But I understand your point.

Looking for 1-3 more people to make a tight knit little clan. Server and Clan name has not been decided yet.
Preferably PvP Server US EST players wanted. :slight_smile:

hey miss jessika i was wondering if your still looking for players got a few friends that are interested in playing again played since early access add me on steam if your still accepting players :slight_smile: arkon28

ps we are from EU so we can take nightshifts on guarding the base

Hi arkon. Added. Trying to figure things out. I may join a Clan instead of making one. Not sure just yet. :slight_smile: