Completely new to this game and it seems...dead?

Is it just because theres no one in the starter areas or is the game player base really really low?

Honest question. I’d like to know what to expect later.

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It’s a combination of factors! The player cap is deliberately low in most places (I believe around 13 or so), to underline the remote/desolate/apocalyptic vibes of the questing areas. The cap is a little higher in the faction hubs, and the highest in Agartha–which is also where most folks will be right now, due to the Anniversary event!

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Hello - There are people who still play this game, albeit a low population now.

It was a poor decision I think to make your starting character set off with a badly functioning chat system that didn’t show you the broader chat in other areas - they thought it added to the bleak atmosphere of the starter zones - but it just makes it look like nobody is there and probably leads any new player into thinking that this game is dead before they’ve even set off on their adventure properly.

Currently there is an event on, 7th year anniversary. Check your chat channel settings and subscriptions
(via the cog wheel in the upper left of the chat box)
so you can see the following channels:

“Looking for group” - This is where people will call out for groups they want to form for various activities (Dungeons/Raids/Lairs/Regionals etc) BUT it is not entirely global.

“Tell Messages” - Private messages (Eventually when you have found people to talk to, this is where those PM’s will go but they are not auto on after char creation.

“General” - Where most of the chatter goes on, but even this is limited to certain zones only. Used mostly in Agartha.

“Group” - Can only be added once you are in a group so can’t be even seen as an option until then - This is where you will talk with any members of your group you are in.

“Sanctuary” - is a global channel and can be seen in all zones but is a custom channel that can be convoluted to activate since it needs to be added every time you log in - unless you make a script for it in a notepad and add it to the correct folder so it auto joins this channel each time you log in. This channel is where you can ask all your questions in game and someone will answer because we can all see it no matter where we are.

You can find info on how to add that channel here:

None of the usual channels people use are auto added after char creation and thus MUST be added by you if you want to see them.

Sometimes the the chat system is borked and can sometimes drop its connection to the community server and nobody sees anything (except in Sanctuary and which ever channel is working at the time) It doesn’t last long and fixes itself eventually but can be frustrating - especially when forming groups and running raids.
It’s an archaic system and needs a defib sometimes.

Don’t lose hope - we may be a small population left, but we are here.
Hope this helps!