New player, feeling lonely

Hi. i am a new player on the omni side and currently lvl 27 and i am feeling lonely. I hardly see any people around and nobody chatting on the channels. Is there someone out there?

no problem it just happens only at the time when you are new to game and you are not talking to any one about it

I won’t say that the game world doesn’t feel lonely. It can at times. I do have a few things you can do to balance game engagement. Right now the game population is split between servers - subscribers on 2019 and froob accounts on the old normal server. That kinda sucks actually.

Roll a neutral character. Why? Because you can see people of all factions chatting and looking for teams and then engage them etc. After rolling a new neutral character make a new chat window and enable all the factions for 1-50 chat and shopping (move all your combat feedback text to another window). As a neutral you can also access the gauntlet buff no matter the faction controlling it - that’s actually pretty important. After a while you’ll meet people and can then choose a active clan/omni/neutral guild. Join the AO discord channel. Look to join a in-game chat bot.

When things are slow clicksaver items you need IE: treatment rifle, agi rifle, buffing pistols, NCU belt/chips. Complete your daily solo missions. That will keep you busy when things seem boring.


What Higain said. I’d add make a 2nd froob acct for bank/buffing toons.

Join the channel froob200. There is always people on if you want to team or just chat.
Dont bother with rerolling to Neutral, you have already joined the best faction :slightly_smiling_face:


Go Clan…! :stuck_out_tongue: