Returning player after year break

So I have an Omni 186 MP that I started back in 2004, With the free to play on Steam, I had to reactivate my old account. I had SL and AI so the other expansions I don’t know anything about.
I am up for making a new character as I can change things over easy enough and it might be easier to go that way. I can play any faction and when I was very active I was a general in Band of Little Brothers and even got into Band of Brothers for a bit.

On Steam my name is Erragal ME and in game it’s Erragal.

welcome back :wink:

Just play your MP. Just organize your hot bars, read the skill descriptions, go to an area with grey mobs and just test out your combat. Shouldn’t take very long to get back into the swerve of things. I have had to do that on the few breaks I’ve taken over the years. The best thing to do is set your nano programs window to list mode and then use the auto sorting features. I like to go between nano cost (generally lines them up by QL) and/or by nano lines. It’s not a difficult game to jump back into really. Just go somewhere you can take your time and not die to mobs. Fix your UI, fix your hotbars, test out combat. It will come right back.

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I’m on the fence on this one.

One the one side, I fully agree with @zewm on just spending some time on your old toon and it’ll 100% come back to you in no time.

On the other hand, lvl 180-200 is terribly slow, especially if you don’t have a group to play with. To me it’s definitely the worst level range there is. Coming back from scratch and starting out at this level might just drain you fast.

I think I’d do both, really. Play your old toon and make a new one. The new player experience in Arete teaches a few of the new things, were the joys of reexperiencing AO on an old main gives something else entirely. Try both out and see what kind of a challenge you’re up for. Worst that can happen is you spend some time on a character you don’t like, more likely you’ll end up with 2 toons worth of fun.

Oh, and go clan of course. There’s no reason not to! :slight_smile:

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Yea I was running some missions to get some tokens, at like 701 now. From what I heard and seen Omni side is pretty dead compared to Clan and neutral.

But still if any clans are out there I am looking for a home.