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Hello all,

I am a new player (don’t mind the 50 hours you see on steam, i played when it launched, but it has been years since). I am a Templar (always) and i’m searching for a Cabal that is new player friendly. I’m not a “group player” guy, but i do like to have a chat full of…chat. Otherwise, when i’m playing the game, it does feel kind of empty.
I don’t mind the dissing community that seems to be focused on discredit the game, i want ot play it, i enjoy it, but i would like to see ppl that i can chat with.

There are many excellent Cabals ingame, for others to help you find a good fit it would be helpful to know your timezone and game preferences, are you a grinder who will willingly kill everything put in front of you for the best gear, or a casual player who wants to work through the storyline ?

If you have Discord, the SWL Official Discord is a good place to start out from and meet folks.

See the post below for access to the SWL Official Discord. :sunglasses:

Hello @adivarlanTSW!

You can find a cabal directory and other resources here:


SWL Discord (ignore the link text it’s a direct link):

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Thank you. I do have SWL Discord already. Is this a permanent invite or 1 day ?
Official SWL Discord appears to have the “Create Instant Invite” toggled off for non-officer players.
( Server Settings -> Roles -> Everyone -> Create Instant Invite ( 1/2 way down the right side list ), which makes available invite links even more important.

This is a permanent invite and we even got a custom URL from the kind folks at Discord.

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Nice :grinning:

I will edit my post above so as not to confuse people and send them to Redditt

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