The Stuff of SWL: Cabal Directory, Legends and Stuff

By Tipsu (W.H.O.) and Bagofcats (LoMS):

THE STUFF of The Secret World Legends

There’s a Directory of Cabals, Associations and Websites/Resources. There are Legends (Lore for the classicists). And more stuff coming up as we collect and collate.

Please mail us through the contact page with corrections, contributions, etc. You know.
(Or you can just reply here)

Or add your cabal/association/website to the directories — using the ‘Add your Cabal / Resource’ page simplifies things as it pre-formats the text for publication, but we’ll be happy to use whatever medium you choose.


After a successful launch and consolidation into SWL, we are pleased to say that Cerberus is opening recruitment once again!

Cerberus is one of the oldest dedicated RP Cabals in TSW and now SWL. We tell complex, interesting stories that are grounded in the Secret World, heavy on choices, consequences and what it means to operate in the dark fringes of the world. Over recent months CS operatives have managed to thwart the machinations of a sinister cult hell-bent on breaking down the walls between Faerie and our mortal coil, have investigated a gruesome murder somehow linked to Celtic mythologies and are caught in the middle of a brewing conflict between old and new gods. All the while a mysterious figure stalks them from the shadows…

Whilst Cerberus Solutions is an Illuminati cabal, we are happy to accept applicants from any faction as long as they can work with and thrive in a corporate environment - we have several long-term contractors, who are technically members of another faction but are still part of the community.

We have a lively Discord channel, regular plot events and are working up to more regular PvE content - if that’s something that you’d like to help us with we’d love to hear from you.

Please see our site for more details, and the application form.


Hi there, and sorry for the late reply, I’ve been travelling around for a month and didn’t even see the thread had been pinned. I’m not sure if your question is directed a Null-state or at me, so apologies if I answer a non-question :wink:

The Stuff is a lore/legends reference site and a catalogue/directory of active cabals and other resources for SWL. If you’re interested in joining a cabal, you’ll find there cabal presentations, links to each cabal website (if they have one) and info on how to get in touch with their contact person, recruitment requirements, etc.


Each cabal or RP group uses a different system but normally it’s either in-game or via some chat program.

You either have social RP where you just sit and talk or you have events and plots where a GM describes situations and areas and your character reacts to them.


Having look into the Cabals, I must say that there are quite some good ones.

I feel particularly attracted to the League of Monster Slayers, as I very much enjoyed (and still enjoy as a daily) that quest, and also because they are tolerant of casual players and off-time (I do have some real-life limitations that prevent me to play on a regular basis. These days - but not today - I play a couple of hours a day, but within some weeks that can be different).

Is there someone here from LoMS? Or, from another Cabal? I’d like a sales pitch :smiley: or rather some explanation. Cerberus looks cool too but probably a bit above my head, intensity-wise.

I represent three in-game characters btw. One of each faction.

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Honestly, the best advice I can give you @Erratus is to speak with people from the cabals yourself. Team with their members - or seek them out. LoMS used to have a channel that was joinable from people outside their cabal, so if they appeal to you that would definitely be something to look into.


As Katelin says, the best is to join the channel and say hello, LoMS has a policy of welcoming guests at the chat channel.

/chat join LoMSGlobal

I’ll be otherwise happy to answer any questions you have (you find me and quite a few others in lomsglobal)

Cheers, //B


Hola BagofCats, LOMS for life!


And bunny slippers :slight_smile:

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