Newer player here

Hello everyone in The Secret World.
I used to play the old game but i never got to far into it but man oh man i have always loved the atmosphere and lore and everything about this game. I’m a huge horror fan! I just recently hit level 50 and am still continuing my play through of the main story. Was just wondering if there are any Cabals out there i could join to get in with the community here? LMK.


Check this The Stuff of SWL: Cabal Directory, Legends and Stuff


Welcome mate.
The cabal/chapter Dragons&Wolves recruiting,we are large in number and very active,we have all level players and we have a good ambiente for build inovation/non-meta weapon users.The most reason you should consider above all is that we apreciate new players,we consider them as the future of SWL.If you want to know more about our cabal,plz contact ChaosBarbee/WardenofChaos,o if you are european player,you can contact me Rey-Liche for recruiting.Ty.

Thank you for the link!

Thanks for the info man. I may be in touch.