Is PvP dead in this game?

Been in the Shambala queue for a while. Is there any significant PvP activity still? Is there any other way to earn those coins? Any PvP-specific guides?

There are/were some initiatives to revive it from the community but yeah…they were shortlifed.
One can say it’s kinda dead, I prefer the term “Mothballed”



Not so much Dead, as Dead On Arrival. The current ‘mode’ seems to exist only to convince people that PvP is just not worth it. It’s one of those Dev. Decisions that I will never understand. Fusang was just so awesome, even when you were on the losing side.


We also have fight club, but some house rules need to be set.
Some people are still running some events some times…
It’s much easier to organize then waiting for official shamebala to popup

Are there any clubs that see more activity than others? How are events created? Are the fight clubs purely for PvP fun or are there any rewards? Bit of a bore that half the vendors in SWL only accept payment in unobtainable currency. PvP is it’s own reward, of course.

Doesn’t something have to be alive first to then be dead?


does any one really care , how ever you cook it, ShamBollox makes a complete mockery of pvp, ive seen more PVP in my bed , and you can take that anyhow you want … PVP in this game BAH

I can think of one single, lonely exception to these rules: Whenever we have one of those Agartha Megaboss Raids tied to Events and people end up just standing in Agartha for hours on end in front of the Portal, then a small portion of them will end up signing up for PvP just out of sheer boredom. You may end up getting a few matches in then, at least until people realize that standing around and staring at Portals for hours on end is substantially more fun and exciting then Shamballa.

I’d rather start a snowball fight than queue for shambala, at least that way you can hit players instead of lemmings :stuck_out_tongue:

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There was my previous attempt at reviving PvP in this game. It received over 2.3k visits and sat on the first page of the forums for a couple weeks.

There’s interest and there’s many that would love to see it return but the Devs are silent and will not touch the topic so as far as it stands currently the PvP community is not dead, we will probably never die but funcoms recougnition of that aspect of this game is very much dead.


PvP is one of the straws tickling me to find another game.

I love TSW and, to a lesser extent, SWL, but I’m not gonna stick around and watch it get mismanaged into the ground for too much longer.


Damn right, we will never die !

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Waiting for the call, Sir!

I’m only wearing my Templar Reinforced Armour (rank 5) because it looks badass and covers my face, which was mutilated by the transition from the first to second age. Not because I care about PvP :grin:


I’m only wearing my Illuminati Reinforced Armour (rank 5) because i like to look like a lighthouse. Not because i care about PvP :grin:

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Its not dead, its not there, it will never be.
EFB is stupid, Glyphs arent “there” and Decks are just too boring.
And you can buy Signets and upgrades with real money, giving you an edge.

Why bother.

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