How's PvP here?

Hello, I’ve been playing this game on and off, but never reached max level, I enjoy the scenery a lot, since I am big time horror fan. I know that there isn’t much players to go around in this game, but is PvP active? This is what I plan to do in the end game, since it is my favorite activity in any game. So two questions, first if PvP is active, and second how long are the ques in the end game? Thank you.

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The PvP is mostly non existent, because people do not queue for it, mostly.
The queues for group content can be quite long depending. More often than not, people call for group while in Agartha, so that’s probably your best bet.

PVP isn’t that active . . . BUT if you poke the chat often enough sometimes you might just get a few people willing to join you for the fun, people can also sign up to help pop Shambala but not necessarily accept it just to help the queue flow. Then there is “Shambala Saturdays” often held by “Nine swords” cabal i think, so they could be an avenue for you to join their cabal if they are frequenters of PVP.
Then there is Father Duffy’s Fight Club (Not sure if they are still going) which is held in Seoul Fight club just for the funsies since it has Equal Footing Buff like Shambala PVP.

Enjoy :smiley:

EDIT to Add :
Just as i replied, the wonderful HolloPoint who is tirelessly working on the MegaVersary event posted this into Agartha Chat via script :

The MEGAversary3 is proud to announce the special Father Duffy’s Fight Club on Sunday 5th July from 2:30pm Eastern US Time!
Simply Show up in Seoul Fight Club, where there is an Equal Footing Buff and get a PvPin’! We may able to organise some prizes for this prestigious event, but it’s all about the fighting and the competing.

MEGAversary 3 Special Father Duffy’s Fight Club!
Also, Why not /chat join Event during the Anniversary so you don’t miss anything that is going on. You will also find information posted on Twitter via the #MEGAversary3 tag.
Want to join the Fight Club?
Copy and paste this link to your browser for Info -

There you will probably find some good PVP interested folks to band together with :smiley:

I haven’t played that game, but there’s no PvP in this game, either.

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