Father Duffy's Fight Club (FDFC)

Father Duffy has been arranging brawls in the Seoul Fight Club for over 18 months for ODO, and has been broadening our ahem “target audience” for the last few times it’s been run :sunglasses:

It’s a nice, simple idea - turn up, fight if you want, spectate if you’d rather not, bring havoc and destruction along for the ride, then go for a beer afterwards!

On an irregular but roughly bi-weekly basis, Father Duffy’s Fight Club comes to Seoul, and everyone’s invited!

There are no prizes to be had, no repair costs, no xp to worry about, just the sheer joy of being able to shoot your friends and strangers and then laugh about it afterwards. :upside_down_face:

There’s another installment of FDFC coming up on Sunday February 24th at 7pm GMT (2pm EST, 11am PST). The theme will be the “Pyjama Party Massacre”, so feel free to break out your PJs and come along! There’s a Fight Club discord available too, so that there’s a place to chat about upcoming battles.
You can get more information from the fight club website.

In case you’re new to PVP in SWL, here’s some handy quick tips to get you started!

  • The action all takes place in the Seoul Fight Club, which has the equal footing buff
  • This buff puts everyone on roughly the same level gearwise, so even new players can have fun without just being steamrolled by people with much higher gear levels
  • There’s no repairs, you can just respawn and run back in!
  • If you want to heal, you can group up and play co-op!
  • Everyone dies. Not necessarily true - it is possible to survive, but death has no real consequences, leaving you free to seek out bloody vengeance almost straight away!

If you’d like to know more, check out FDFC.info :grinning:

This is a recurring event, the website will have information on when the next fight club is being organised. Oh and the first rule of Father Duffy’s Fight Club is “tell everyone, bring anyone”!

See you in Seoul!


Posted on cabal discord, so you might have some Owls peeking in once in a while :wink:


There all very difficult times for me to make but I’ve wanted to be there. I only have every 3rd. Or 4th weekend off. Kill many smurfs for me though! That’s all I ask.


i’ll suspend my hiatus just to come, father. it sounds like just the thing. <3
edit: i can’t, it’s right in the middle of dnd T_T

drenneth, i miss you! :smiley:


The Pajama Party Massacre was a big Success! Thanks to All Attendees.
Search you tube for “Father Duffy’s Fight Club” for video fun…

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We are still at this, so if you have ever been Fight Club Curious, C’mon down! Next Fight Club is always on fdfc.info
Next Fight Club (as of this post ) is June 30th at 18:30gmt 14:30 eastern time


As part of the MEGAversary 2, there will be prizes of the Three Filth Moon T-Shirt given by Funcom to three winners nominated by FatherDuffy. Also these three winners go into the overall winners raffle to be drawn about the 8th July.

The winners are:


Thanks Father, was great night of pvp, congratulations!




Sonran is my brother. Yay!!! Congrats.:tada::champagne::balloon::confetti_ball:


For Halloween, Fight Club is on the 13th of October 2019. All are welcome! Details at https://FDFC.INFO


Thank you!

Aaaaah. I overslept on sunday. -.-
Or totally forgot…it’S a haze.


@Ceruleana you missed me laughing hysterically while shooting people.

We’ll have to dungeon then. I’ve been meaning to take Eris into an E1 to get her comfortable with tank tank tanking. She should be able to E5 tank no prob. NO PROB!!!

It is a good shot… it is a great example of your “in game” attitude.

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