World Battle Federation -- Opening Night! July 15th


Hey! Opening night for the World Battle Federation will be Sunday, July 15 at 18:30GMT/13:30CST at Seoul Fight Club!

Watch as the fighters enter the ring, intro music blaring, as our announcers bring all the hype!
Check out the outfits… the camp… the BLOOD!

So, who’s going to announce these awesome fights?
Well, it’s none other than DJ Drina and Jules from Happy Tentacle Radio!

Don’t miss out on the first night of the WBF!

Potential Members of the WBF:

We are taking applications.You MUST apply to join the Federation to be part of the event.

Applications for the first event will CLOSE on July 5th, with intro music, fighter persona, and outfit choices to be turned in NO LATER than the 11th.

Emote fighters will be responsible for putting their own fights together with their assigned partner. Partners will be assigned ASAP to give as much time as possible for prep, so the sooner you can get your application in, the better.

Note that we will be scheduling both PVP and emote-only fights for members to sign up for.
Discord is REQUIRED

The links:
I want more info!
Apply Now!



We go through Discord because we have a lot of backstage stuff we have to do before and during fights. Our fight scheduling system and all of our forums, team roster, docs, etc. goes through guilded, which syncs with Discord and allows for members to easily sign up for specific matches. Discord is easy to install and use and has a lot more functionality than a website or TeamSpeak (which sucks).

The reasons we have people apply are: 1. This is an official organization. You wouldn’t normally see a member of the public just jumping into the ring with Goldberg, would you? While we will do open fight nights, there is a lot of work and planning that goes into this so we want people who are truly interested in being a part of the big picture. 2. We like to learn a little about potential members and what they’re interested in most. It’s a REALLY basic application with basic answers. We don’t care about IP, gear, experience, etc. It’s all about willingness to jump in and have fun.

I’d like to note that, while this is PVP, it’s not -just- PVP. This is our version of the WWE/NXT. The difference is the PVP isn’t scripted. We have no idea who is going to win those. We will have emote fighters, however, who are scripted for obvious reasons, but the winner is random and the fighters won’t know who wins until we tell them during the match (after a dice roll). I’d like to encourage you to come out and see the event next time it’s going and see what we’re all about. :slight_smile:

Sure, thanks for the tip!