Secret World + Social Play?

How easy is it to make friends in-game? How much does social play impact the early and late-game playability?


It’s easiest to find people in agartha general chat and sanctuary chat channels. Also there is an official discord (details on the game launcher) where people are very active as well!

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In terms of playability, it’s perfectly possible to play through the game without talking to another player if you so wish. Group activities have public queues, so you don’t need to have friends to do them.

But you do get a lot more from the game if you do interact with others. As well as the chat channels and discord, you can also join a cabal. Most are pretty friendly and chatty!

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In real-life, I’m fairly anti-social. I haven’t had any problems finding friends in SWL. As a matter of fact, the community and the friends I’ve made are the high-point of this game. That’s just my unbiased opinion. The Sanctuary channel (/chat join Sanctuary) is a great place to meet people and it usually has low salt content. :wink: