Chat Disconnecting itself

Since I’ve started Doing Lairs, Raid and Dungeons, Occult Defence co-op
I’ve noticed that i sudden will just lost Group and Raid chat, will suddenly be very silent…
and If i write a message, i will get thrown to Say-chat after posting it, (despite being in Group/Raid-chat)
Then Group or Raid chat might light up with messages…
But, what i had just written the group/raid won’t see, unless i re-write it in Group/Raid-chat. -.-

It’s like i disconnect from Chats… causing everything people say between to be lost
untill force a re-connect, by writing something
But sadly I won’t know if I’ve lost chat, only hint i have is that chat is uncanny quiet… <.<;

It’s getting rather annoying, not being able to call out Commanders or other things in Occult Defence when needed…
without i being forced into say-chat in the midst of everything…
while Tanking and dying due to not being mobile and keeping mitigation up and getting surrounded… >.<

Same Doing Boss fights, I suddenly just lose chat…
an important information feed. for quick adjustments doing a battle -.-

I’ve even had people write ingame-mails to me say “Hello?, I can’t Tell you… server says you are offline…” “Your offline?”
or throwing spells effects or emotes around me to get my attention, as there i was something in the chat i was not responding to.
and just have me say: what is going on…?, and then have Raid chat become alive and no longer dead silent…
which really baffled them and myself <.<

Unsure what the issue is, but it’s something with the chat channels system and combat, i think…

  • I can stand i Agatha for hours and not lose chat
  • If i teleport (same zone) i might lose chat.
  • If i have been in Combat i may lose chat.
  • in a Raid, Dungeon or Occult Defence i will lose chat within 5 minutes.

Edit: Gramma.

I am no tech but from what you wrote it sounds like you get disconnected from the community server, and the only reason I can think of, since it happens to you only, is connection problems. Maybe high latency or packets loss, or firewall/antivirus or something more techy posters will be able to say :slight_smile:

I’m a Techy and i don’t know what the issue is, only got ideas what might cause it -.-
If a Firewall would be the cause. i would have no chat what so ever. till i gave Secret World a Full pass which it have.

My latency is fine, i can engage in constant fight Occult Defence without any sign of lag, while dragging and gathering up a horde of upward to 30+ mobs doing a wave, only to lose chat somewhere along the way
when calling out for someone to agrro a 2nd or 3rd Commander across the field.

I really doubt i’m the only one with this Issue, but maybe other people have just not noticed it
I didn’t noticed the error till people tried getting my attention by any means, by Emotes and Spell effects on top of a person
I have seen that plenty of times in Lairs and Regional Summons.

I have the same problems since day one I started playing, no matter what I’m doing (OD, raids or whatever) or which zone I’m in. Figured that - at least for me - it has to do with the time I’m logged in on one char (not having found out how long actually is “TOO long” though), as sometimes I just keep standing in Agartha waiting for MBs while doing other stuff in my flat, regularly checking back if something of relevance happened, and when I have the feeling that the chat might not have refreshed for some time, I relog, just to find people writing “Thanks for summons”, proving the chat was broken for quite a while again. Also, when that happens and the activity finder pops for NYR, I can’t chose raid chat, and whatever I try to write in group or say chat simply isn’t displayed (which makes sense, as nothing’s displayed anymore at all in that window). I gave up on trying to solve the problem, but it’s really annoying.

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I have not noticed it have anything to do with a long time being logged on.
for me it happens regardless within a rather short time span.
even after restart of the game (or after a game crash)

Although with a long time being logged on things will get worse…
with Trade and Templar chat showing up (i have them off) and with 3-5 exact lines whenever someone writes anything in them <.<;
using /reloadui fixes this, which makes it look like an issue somewhere in UI code

I have not have Raid chat not be available in the New York raid.
(although Group/Raid chat always go silent at some point into the fight…-.- )
But I recall joining a Kiadan Lair, where Raid nor Group chat just ever became available to me…

  • The Following day to the Regional that where my chat broke, and the raid was silent and no one apparently could /Tell me either… <.<

  • I have seen a couple these “#ChatGroup_Team_{Numb3r} is online” a couple of times when writing into Group chat.
    maybe this can be of use for the Tech-team?

Seems like i got a replay in-game a couple of days ago:
However the Links are not that helpfull:
Common Login Errors - Nope, just chat issues
Failed to Initialize Rendering Subsystem Error - Chatbox is rendering just fine.
Minimum System Requirements - My system bypass the Recomened by miles.

I’ve tried Forwarding ports to no effect.
I’ve made sure the game have full clearance trough Firewall, no effect
I’ve made sure the game have full access trough my Router, no effect

So the issue must be somewhere in the Game or between my ISP and Funcom or at Funcom.
because this issue is unique to Legends, may have to test TSW…
no issue with chat via Steam or Discord

Also there is no options to switch chat quickly, no /g /c /ra , no quick commands, only a click on the chat type via mouse…
no key-bind option either.

I’ve noticed this issue before too. Never been able to pin down a cause either. It just happens sometimes.

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Hopefully yours aren’t as bad as mine as i can’t do a: Mission, Occult Defence wave, Seek and Preserve, Lair, Event Boss or a fight in New York Raid. without losing chat if i don’t keep an active text chat… >.<

Yeah, definitely not that bad for me.

I’ve discovered that staying in a Zone i will lose chat if i don’t actively post in the chat window each 3~ mins or so
if i miss that small window i will get thrown into say from cabal/group/raid/general/LFG chats (they will even be unavailable to chose 3 seconds ) and last message lost

which zones?

New England:
Kingsmouth City
Savage Coast
Blue Mountain

Scorched Desert
City of the Sun God

Besieged Farmlands
Shadowy Forest
Carpathian Fangs

South Africa:
New Dawn

and Any Mission related Solo zones


I’ve not tested (due to lack of interast):
Faction Missions <- Results is like to be repeated here.

But within Zones like: Dark Agartha, Deep Agartha the threes hold for these seem about 10 Minutes before chat inactivity causes chat to disconnects itself.

In Agatha itself there seem be to a 20~ mins of chat inactivity before a loss of chat occurs

But each time i enter Agartha from anywhere that isn’t the Login Screen i have to force chat back. which i have done Roughly 1500 times over the last 7 months…

also due to Marco keyboards being disabled. i cannot press a key and check if chat is disconnected…
i have to open chat, post something and switch chat to any but Say, then wait 10-30 secs to see if the chat window Resets back to Say or not.

I created this post when i first noticed it and it has been unlisted so you cant find it.
I have experienced the chat disconnecting many, many times and still persists to this day - People said it happened in TSW too - but i NEVER ever noticed it, and i talk alot to people and the way i notice it now, i surely would have noticed it back in TSW

When you type into a channel, the selected place you have chosen to type into reverts to a “Say” and nothing goes in to the channel at all - which also means nobody can talk to you as it bounces back with “user not online”

The only way i have come to be able to test the channels is to type into sanctuary /chat list
If nothing comes back then you have the chat bug, Using teleport into agartha or a Meet Up on someone will fix the issue

We are not meant to be suffering this and for new people they must think the game is truly dead and that nobody ever talks. How on earth would you know otherwise.

Also i have been talking in any of the chat channels and this has happened within seconds.

I don’t believe its anything to do with internet connections as i never experienced this in TSW
I believe it is something to do with the change to the chat channels when ported over to SWL

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Unlisted!?.. Wau… just shove that issue under the Carpet, nothing to see here…

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Hey - a friend said yesterday “It’s you, you could say peace on earth and good will to all and it would be wrong”

It made me wonder, it really did.

This is the Exact issue i’ve had for at least 7 months…
and also have in TSW
Across 6 Characters, 3 in each

For the most part doing TSW and Legends i just though people sat in Agartha or London/New York/Seoul or just only used Cabal chat
either AFK or Semi AFK waiting for a Queue to pop…

and if newbie’s got afflicted by thar no wonder they if they don’t stick around… as the game seems like a ghost town, with Drones in Agartha.

So, i can’t help but wonder if this Bug’s impact on the game may be…

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I can most certainly say that it would have a very high percentage chance of it being a deciding factor if one should stick around or not.

If you see no communication, get no communication and can not communicate - then you would feel alone and move on.

Having the air of bleak and apocalyptic is one thing - having zero communication and unable to do so with no knowledge on how to fix it and that it is an issue - is entirely different.

I first experienced it in the dungeons when i was unable to talk to people in the group and i was unable to see what they were saying. Its bad enough that on your first go at being in a group you have to manually add this channel without the channels themselves just not working more than just periodically.

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I can say that i don’t have this issue in TSW and i have been back on many occasions.

Nothing has changed as regards mods or internet or ISP or connections - all are the same as they have been, so this is why i don’t believe it is anything to do with that.

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Also i mentioned it again here in this users list of daily bugs encountered in August 2018

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Hey Meta, this might be a stupid workaround, but at least it saves you from relogging and the likes - if you type the /chat list sanctuary (I hope that is what it’s called, as I don’t use the english client version) command TWICE, it brings the chat up again aswell.

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Not really when you have to do it every 3 or so minute while not in Agartha <.<;
Done it more then a thousands of times already and without the option to use a marco key it get’s old even faster… <.<;

Honestly I have no idea why it happens so often and fast on your side. Most people I had spoken with and who experience those chat connection issues have them like every…God I dunno…maybe once or twice an hour. And then the repeated chat listing is really helpful. I tried the /reloadui aswell, but on one of my chars even that doesn’t work, the chat remains broken (whysoever…)