Chat does not work - But who can help?

Not sure how to put this without being complicated

The group chat (periodically and randomly) doesn’t work and neither does general nor any other it seems.

It randomly just stops working and i can no longer chose where to type into and only put things into a “Say” that nobody else can see but me
The only way to fix it is to log out and back in again - and i can’t do that in a dungeon because the moment i log back in - it removes me from group and gives me a deserter buff - even if it’s been only a few seconds AND it’s no guarantee that it will last very long as i can’t seem to figure out or notice when it actually stops working.

I have no idea what the hell the problem is but if i’m in a group, i can’t see what they are saying to me and i can not say anything to them either.

General and Sanctuary are either now doing the same - or have always done. So the whole time i thought it was just quiet - it’s been because chat is not working.

Amongst the many other things i don’t expect to get fixed - please try and pull your finger out after you’ve finished your bagel.

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This is probably not the way to go about it if you want help.

That said.

Do you know if it is only your chat that stops working, or if the rest of your group has the same issue?
When you say you can’t choose the chat to speak into, is that through A) typing /chatcode or B) by clicking and choosing from the list that appears when clicking on the [chatname] to the left of where you type?
In either case have you checked if you are still subscribed to the chat?

The chat along with some other parts of the “social UI” runs on a different server from the gameplay itself. This means the chat can momentarily stop working, while the gameplay itself seems fine. The opposite is true as well. However if this is the case, i would expect everyone to be unable to communicate through the chat (as in the whole server) unless it is somehow just your computer not communicating with the social server.

i am subbed to the chat channel yes, it just stops working and it appears to have unsubbed me and i can not either resub nor add the channel - it is removed completely and the ability to do anything with it also removed.
It’s like they cease to exist.

i have even deleted all tabs and recreated them and subbed to all that i need. I was told about an old “General” chat bug so even after deleting the original “General” and adding my own, the problem still occurs randomly and without reason.

I can actually sometimes visibly see it happening.
for example:
I will click either #sanctuary or general to type into and the comment does not appear in any of the channels and immediately changes where i selected to type into to - to “Say” - and i can no longer pick general, sanctuary or group - i have to relog to fix it.

AFAIK it’s just mine as other people are still talking within the group or wherever - i just can’t see it.
But TBH how would anyone know if chat does not work for them? They would be like me and think it was just quiet at times.

This also effects “Tells” - I can not send a message nor receive them.
It’s like the whole chat system just stops working until i relog.

There has been times when it randomly just started to work, but my comment i sent appears up at the top of the group chat and everyone else below it and then it will stop again.

someone asked today - “is chat stopped working again or is it just quiet”?
Another - keeps telling people that there is something wrong with the community server and can’t connect to the chat properly
Frequently i see people typing just a simple dash, period or comma - to test the chat and see if it’s still responsive - i do the same just to see if it goes in, which is how i noticed the change of the channel i originally selected happening, giving me the indication that it had stopped working.

Now i am either the only one with this problem or some people suspect it while others already know lol

But seriously - i don’t expect it to be fixed nor for anyone to have an answer.
AND - if it is just my PC - What could be causing it?
I never had this problem with TSW (not that i noticed anyway - i could always talk in a group)

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They could notice it the same way you do, just gotta ask the group if everyone just had trouble with chat.
The fact you see people asking if chat is broke or using the . to test the channel is an indication you are not the only person with the problem though.

This is what i mentioned with different social UI being on a different server. I’m not sure if “community server” is the official name or just what ppl have taken to calling it. Other UIs include cabal and AH for instance.
In fact you could possibly check this by opening the AH and see if it functions normally.

Localizing the cause of a bug is not easy, far from it. The devs can’t nessecarily reproduce the bug if it is not one that hits EVERYONE. What can help is contacting them and give as much info as possible. Sometimes what seems unimportant turns out to be the cause of the issue.

It could be many things. Mods, bad connection, the specific settings of your computers system. Two of these the devs can do little about. Specific computer settings always causing an issue they can maybe do something about.

I would maybe try see if one of the Devs on Discord can possibly help. I have my doubts an ingame petition will be the way to go. Possibly an in game bug report will send additional data that could help them, but not too sure about that (ctrl+B in game).

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I’ve been having Chat issues on one character. It seems to unsubscribed me or go silent - although shows still subbed to Sanctuary, #LFG, etc - just nothing is coming into my chat. I’ve tried deleting and resetting channels, but still seems a bit off. So, if chat goes dark, I start deleting/resetting/log out/in…

My other characters no problems at all, so ???

I just put it down to this crappy chat program we’ve had to deal with since 2012 and no time or $$$ to fix or replace it.


I knew i wasn’t the only one having to work around it like this.
It just really sucks that you can’t speak with anyone while in group and they think you are ignoring them and can’t do anything about it.
I was aware of the buggy chat system and have seen others talk about it but i was never effected by it until now in SWL
its also a shame for new players who are suffering with this also - they must feel very alone.

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The chat (along with the minimap) predate the game, it’s one of the old funcom relics that were not changed to flash/scaleform ui. And devs do not want to touch those.

I’ve had this happen before, back in TSW too. It seems to happen if I’m in the game for a long time, but I’m not sure what really triggers it.

I think reloadui fixes it, but I can’t remember.

I get laggier too the longer in game. So before dungeons, raids or scenarios I always restart the game as even /reloadui won’t fix it. Then it’s good to go for awhile!