Common login error codes

Login errors can be the result of a wide variety of issues. Here is a list showing the cause and potential solution for the errors you may encounter:

1. Error Code 1, Cannot connect to login server, please check your conection or firewall
This error indicates connectivity issues which can be fixed using the connectivity troubleshooting post.

2. Error Code 2, The servers are currently down, please try again later
This means exactly what it says. Servers typically only go down during scheduled times for maintenance or updates, and will only very rarely be down without prior notification. Please check back later to see if the game is back up.

3. Error Code 4, Authentication failure, please re-enter your credentials or contact customer support
Nine times out of ten this issue will be the result of an incorrectly entered username or password. If the issue persists after the first attempt then please try a password reset. If the issue persists after receiving a temporary password then please try contacting customer support at

4. Error Code 11, Failed to authenticate with the character server
Failure to authenticate with the character server is typically caused by a character being abruptly disconnected, usually through a game crash or loss of connectivity, leaving the server to believe the character is still logged in. These errors clear up on their own, so allow twenty to thirty minutes and then try to log in again. Excessive attempts to log in will exacerbate the issue, so we strongly recommend allowing time for the issue to resolve itself.

6. Error Code 13, This account is suspended. Please contact customer support for assistance
If your account is suspended and you believe this to be an error then please go to and open an email ticket requesting further information. Please make sure you include the username for your account for faster handling.

7. Error Code 23, Account Frozen. Please contact customer support for assistance
The account may have billing issues that require assistance from customer support. Open a ticket at for further assistance.

8. Error Code 24, Login failed. Your account has not been verified. Please contact customer support for assistance
This typically indicates account creation for either a Funcom account or Steam-linked account has not be completed. Please complete registration and then try again.

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