SWL Connectivity Help

Ensuring optimal connectivity can help prevent many issues. If you’re seeing problems with your load time between playfields (such as getting hung up on a load screen or crashes on zoning) or are having problems with sending and receiving messages in different chat channels then it could be the result of a bad connection. There are several steps you can take to make sure your connection is as good as possible.

First, if you’re seeing issues try turning off your antivirus software. Antivirus software can cause a large range of interference with each of our games, so that should always be step one of troubleshooting any connectivity issues. Make sure you go into Task Manager after disabling the software and terminate any associated processes with the software so that there isn’t any potential for interference.

You should also make sure your ports are configured correctly. SWL requires access to these ports:

HTTP: 80
TCP: 7000-7999
UDP: 6881-6889

Configuring your ports can be done on your PC, and sometimes requires your ISP. You can find instructions for configuring ports based on your router model from the friendly people at https://portforward.com.