Bug listings on a daily basis

I am writing this post today in hopes of bringing in a new wave of communications between US, the player base of this wonderful game we call home, and THEM, the hard-working people that bring US this wonderful world.

I know, some of you might have different views on this, but if you know me in-game, you know I am nothing, if not a wave of powerful motivational positivism, so I am here attempting to do just that, in hopes of resolving certain things that might make our world a better home.

Listing of players known bugs (there might be tons more, this list is not complete.). Please keep in mind I wish you all to add to this thread with other bugs that are continual. I do not want negative comments here, do that on your own somewhere else. If you wish to add a bug, please, be thorough, give exact description of the problem, with proper wording. And please no new player bugs report like “I can’t find my sword!!”, this is for the regulars, everyday grinding folks that I see working hard each and everyday, the top tiered portion of players. I am not trying to cast out people here, but I am trying to do a serious work that will give results.


  • Cabal bank logs not functional : Shift+G offers All, Bank, People, Government as choices, yet when you click bank, nothing ever appears. Even in All, bank deposits or withdrawals don’t appear.

  • AFK function is not working at all.

  • New York Raid : Porting out, leaving via shift+V or taking the exit, makes most players crash to desktop or DC. Often on top of this we get the Deserter buff, as a thanks for crashing.

  • Sprint Bug : in dungeon, especially in The Polaris, is a continual problem for most people. Sprint engages, turns off by itself, turns back on and so forth on your way to Lurker boss in Polaris is almost a constant.

  • Darkness Wars dungeon : I’m tempted to say this whole dungeon is bugged, but especially the Xibalban Bloodhound (dog boss) with his almost perma invisi-filth on the ground, that none of the 5 players can see. One step is auto death.

  • Darkness Wars dungeon : again, with the Xibalban Bloodhound (dog boss) with his invisi-concuss casting, boss casting bar does not appear on anyone’s screen and the boss himself does not do the normal motions of casting it, it just hits everyone.

  • Darkness Wars dungeon : Dark House Sorcerer, and his famous mixed up lines on the ground, two full and filled lines, yet very often two more appear, then it’s a mix of which start moving and which don’t.

  • The Polaris dungeon : For most people that I know, including me, black water at the Primordial Dweller boss is horrible. I am unable to see, even on my maxed out ultra graphic settings, the black water properly, I must literally tilt camera downwards to see it and well, we all know that in Polaris at the Primordial Dweller (Commonly called Bob) you don’t really have time to start looking at your feet!

The Polaris dungeon: Balarbane Sorceress, when she casts her Death Squall skill, a lot of people cannot see the smoke or cloud, thus the only way to know is by being damaged. In higher E’s those damages stack up high and fast.

The Ankh dungeon: When we first meet Doctor Klein on the bridge, in any E5+, he has an angel (forget the name of it at this moment), this angel must be killed in order to hurt the good Doctor, on many occasion upon reaching his low energy and then vanishing, the good Doctor seems able to revive this angel who then proceeds to kill the adventurers.

The Ankh dungeon: When confronting the Dimensional Arachnid, it is of course a household thing now to, once again step in invisi-filth. It seems she prefers to spit some normally and at other times it just materializes somewhere on the floor and boom people die!

The Ankh dungeon: When finally confronting the colossus and Doctor Klein, The Colossus tends to have wavering aggro resets. Often the DPS party members are not even engaged and the colossus will attack them even, while the tank is hitting him (this is especially true in higher E’s). He also has a perplexing auto-extending cleave ability, as the DPS party members are normally at the end of the left-hand side of the platform, and the colossus is at top right part of it, he will turn and cleave people at the other end of the platform, just for fun!

The Ankh dungeon: again, at the colossus and Doctor Klein, fight, once Doctor Klein starts appearing, he will often be appearing at both end of each platform, making it quite impossible to dodge anything, two Doctor Klein’s! Oh my! We also often see him appear once normally, but once reduced of most of his life, he will disappear, yet the waves of mutations will persist and kill players thinking they had won this part of the fight.

The Ankh dungeon: Orochi Dead Ops, On most E5+ instances, the third warrior once depleted of his life, still remains quite alive and kicking, his HP bar turns green and he continues to kill players for a certain time.

Hell Raised dungeon: at the Hardwired Fleshtank fight, of course everyone has encountered the lovely skill Ignite grates, that in its self is not the problem, the problem emerges in E5+ instances where he ignites ALL grates at same time multiple times.

Hell Eternal dungeon: Ah Eblis! What can be said about such a creature, well, for one, his pulls from the Cast out ability, are not accurate or well performed. If you happen to be standing behind a pillar you will be half pulled, thus ending up, in most of the time, as auto-death. Also, on many occasions if you where performing a skill while he is pulling you, you get stunned for a much longer period on the ground, where of course those nice circles on the ground are not stunned, thus once again, auto-death.

Savage Coast: John Wolf, I know it’s been listed, still annoying that we can only take his quests if we climb the stairs, maybe move his wolf farther back, I don’t know. I will adopt the wolf if that helps John become social again.

Scorched Desert: Old Gods, New Tricks quest requires a tracker, whom at every chest resets to the off position, on many occasions while on the fourth chest, restarting the tracker, and running to the location of the final chest, the tracker stops functioning very often, if you happened to not have it functioning while entering the cave where this final chest is, you may not restart the tracker as the quest updates the discovery of it, but does not permit it’s recovery.

Kaidan: Any quest requiring tracking, like Texts and Pirate Signal. Same as above, tracker very often stops working if you engage in any sort of combat. In the case of Texts, a second problem arises often, if tracker is not started or has stopped and you get to the location of the next cellphone to pickup, you will be able to pickup the cellphone, the image of the cellphone will appear, but the quest does NOT update.

These are the bugs off the top of my head that I personally encounter everyday almost. It is by no means complete and I am in no way stating that I am special in any way, these are my personal observations of my daily activities!

Yours truly Taarnaa!
Twin Peaks Cabal


Can add to this the terrible hideous chat system that breaks constantly all day at least 10+ a day and nobody ever knows its broke unless they know what to look for. Which is BAD BAD BAD for new players and current ones.
Since this is used daily 24/7 and is vital to the game and how it works on an inter-player communication level - you would think this would deserve some attention - Regardless of how bad the code is to look at or work with.

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Oh it’s been long since I was going to ask but keep forgetting if it’s common thing or maybe mod related. But I have it only after dying. 99% dying on big squid, but also had it once after dying on crab guy.

The cabal bank logs are a remenent from TSW, and used to track deposits and withdrawls of Pax Romana. As cabal banks are no longer able to hold a stash of currency, there’s nothing to report in those logs.

Klein on the bridge is a slightly different bug, as there are often times when the fight mechanics continue for a few seconds after he ports out. There are times when he’ll have gone and yet more dark waves (i can’t remember the name just now) appear, or if the timing is right, then the reaper which spawns after Dreaming Shroud will still spawn.

With the orochi dead ops, I think the problem is that the sole surviving orochi is actually healed, but that doesn’t show on his hp bars. Thus he continues to fight because he still has hp, though our bars show him at 0.