List of bugs I and maybe you suffer every day. Lets get them fixed!

List of GAMEPLAY BUGS I, and I think MANY, suffer every day, most of them not only since full game release, but since Early Acess began. AKA, they should have been fixed during Early Acess process, or on Official Release, or at least by now, one month after Official Release.

But instead, they are NOT FIXED, and we won’t see a fix until long.

Given many issues don’t seem to be worked on until we massively report (at least according to Community Managers), maybe we can make a thread reporting all this bugs, and others, and say yes I suffer this or that one.
Last attempt at being positive and letting devs know whats broken so they fix it!

1-Vanishing Thralls: instance where you lose an unconscious thrall.

How does it trigger?

It can happen when you give the last hit to a thrall, where it gets unconscious but vanishes under the ground.

It can also happen if the thrall goes cliff down, like Freya due to her position. It also happens if you use emotes with the thrall in the rope (at least the hurray one), if you climb anything, if you use an elevator, and probably more ways I just cant remember.

As its now, its better not even to breathe, and go straight to your base, or you risk losing it.
Based on my own feed back of having tamed 100+ thralls in Official Servers, and other people’s experiences (I’ve witness myself how somebody lost the named blacksmith that spawns at Freya, after rendering it unconscious).

2-Thralls falling down if a nearby structure is demolished.

How does it trigger?

If you have thralls not at ground level (in an archer tower, on top of a foundation, pillar, literally anywhere but ground level) and demolish a nearby structure (placeables don’t make this effect) all thralls in a given radius fall down from whenever they are.

Many will die if any high, or spikes under them. Many will stay burrowed, only poking their head (if lucky) until you replace them.

Based on my feed back on Official PvE Server

3-Heavily injured blood decals upon joining: where you join the server, and your screen is full of the badly injured blood “decals” even if at full health.

How does it trigger?

I think it does if you log out while injured, not sure. I am having this bug almost every time I join the server.

Workaround seems to hurt yourself until being bad injured (when those blood “decals” should appear) and then recover, fixing that bug until next log in.

Based on my feed back on Official PvE Server

4-Map markers unremovable without controller, map marker limit not allowing to remove any even with controller

Map markers are also bugged, but they weren’t on release or previous patches.

Now the red icon to remove them doesn’t work, and can only be removed if using a controller.

Even worse, if you reach map marker limit, the remove marker menu won’t even appear, needing to use a crazy workaround (hold right click then click left then alt tab or something like this) to be able to remove one.

At least, can be done without controller.

(More to come, feel free to add your own or comment with your experiences)

PS: This post is a GENERAL DISCUSSION post. Not a bug report one, so please, don’t move it, as it has been previously done.

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New bug I did sadly experience yesterday, be careful not to trigger this one!

Thrall on follow while offline bug:

Disconnected with a thrall on follow (well, I’d swear I told him to stay, but sometimes when you do that there is an error message like “can’t be placed here” due to collision bug).

When reconnected, I had 1-Lost my thrall, it literally vanished despite I didn’t even move from his side when I disconnected.

2-I could not tell any other thrall to follow me (bye bye fun!) as I had the message of “too many thralls on follow” (meaning something like my last thrall is in limbo xD).

I fixed it by removing my bracelet (bye bye warpaint!) and then other thralls could follow me.

Cool bug eh? Everyday a new one!

So its an updated bug, that’s cool, at leasts adds some variety instead of getting the same bug over and over XD

Kidding, this one almost made me ragequit like a 10 y.o kid, as I had lots of fun with a Freya in the black galleon, which I dont usually bring on follow not to risk losing her.

I couldn’t believe she survived the journey, as she doesn’t follow but just teleport every X distance, and with some many ledges and bridges, I was afraid she would fall and die, but no!

The surprise was coming back after bringing her safe to the base, just to discover a new bug, the day I post about “bugs I found every day” lol the irony…

PS: Amount of thralls lost in fights during 400h played: 0, or none I can remember

Amount of thralls lost due to thralls falling down after demolishing something bug: 12 or so xD

Amount of thralls lost due to the thralls vanishing after rendering them unconscious: easily 6 or 8

Amount of thralls lost due to the vanishing bug that happens if you climb, use an emote, or other instances: sadly, I may be around the 20 thralls lost mark xD

Amount of thralls lost due to this new following bug: 1 so far, hope no more :stuck_out_tongue:

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