Chat Disconnecting itself

Unlisted!?.. Wau… just shove that issue under the Carpet, nothing to see here…

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Hey - a friend said yesterday “It’s you, you could say peace on earth and good will to all and it would be wrong”

It made me wonder, it really did.

This is the Exact issue i’ve had for at least 7 months…
and also have in TSW
Across 6 Characters, 3 in each

For the most part doing TSW and Legends i just though people sat in Agartha or London/New York/Seoul or just only used Cabal chat
either AFK or Semi AFK waiting for a Queue to pop…

and if newbie’s got afflicted by thar no wonder they if they don’t stick around… as the game seems like a ghost town, with Drones in Agartha.

So, i can’t help but wonder if this Bug’s impact on the game may be…

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I can most certainly say that it would have a very high percentage chance of it being a deciding factor if one should stick around or not.

If you see no communication, get no communication and can not communicate - then you would feel alone and move on.

Having the air of bleak and apocalyptic is one thing - having zero communication and unable to do so with no knowledge on how to fix it and that it is an issue - is entirely different.

I first experienced it in the dungeons when i was unable to talk to people in the group and i was unable to see what they were saying. Its bad enough that on your first go at being in a group you have to manually add this channel without the channels themselves just not working more than just periodically.

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I can say that i don’t have this issue in TSW and i have been back on many occasions.

Nothing has changed as regards mods or internet or ISP or connections - all are the same as they have been, so this is why i don’t believe it is anything to do with that.

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Also i mentioned it again here in this users list of daily bugs encountered in August 2018

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Hey Meta, this might be a stupid workaround, but at least it saves you from relogging and the likes - if you type the /chat list sanctuary (I hope that is what it’s called, as I don’t use the english client version) command TWICE, it brings the chat up again aswell.

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Not really when you have to do it every 3 or so minute while not in Agartha <.<;
Done it more then a thousands of times already and without the option to use a marco key it get’s old even faster… <.<;

Honestly I have no idea why it happens so often and fast on your side. Most people I had spoken with and who experience those chat connection issues have them like every…God I dunno…maybe once or twice an hour. And then the repeated chat listing is really helpful. I tried the /reloadui aswell, but on one of my chars even that doesn’t work, the chat remains broken (whysoever…)


You could always write a simple script for it.

Hmm yeah, i’m gonna do that.
I’m going to make a string of text in a notepad and call it /chatlist to save me the bother of typing /chat list coz its much more simpler - i don’t use macros. I’d rather type /chat list - or better still, have it fixed.

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@Tesca yes, reload ui was something i noticed didn’t work along time ago…
Strange that some emotes text and NPC text lines still get posted, yet all player chat is unvalible.

@AWOL i have a script and that is still 8 key strokes, 7 too many if i could activate it via a single marco key press on my keyboard

I am going to give this double listing a go though so thanks for the advice on that :smiley:

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Yeah, being able to bind macros in game would be nice for people who don’t have extra keyboard buttons. You could shorten that script to 4 key strokes if you wanted though :wink:

Very welcome! It’s not elegant, it’s not smart, but it does the trick. Though I have no idea why the /chat list command does nothing when you enter it the first time, while the second time entering it brings everything back up - I’m just a physical therapist and no rocket scientist. But I’m fine with being clueless, as long as it works out well at the end of the day :rocket:

Meliza’s problem is a tough nut to crack though. Still hope anyone will come up with something, as I won’t rate the chances of getting an official fix (or even an official opinion on the matter)

I think TSW had innate macro window. I saw it on screenshots of old players and even opened it myself to test. Unfortunately I don’t remember chat command to open it.

/option chat_macro_window true

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Well my problem is the same as Meliza’s and the same as everyone else’s who is experiencing the loss of chat functions.
Chat just ceases to exist for some unknown reason - which is a concern for those that don’t even know its happening and think that nobody communicates.

If we experienced players are told “Its so old it has barnacles on its bottom” - and we take that as a reason for it not being fixed, then newcomers will think “Its so old this game it doesn’t work anymore” - with the updates to hardware and operating systems, the game is starting to lose against the future of modern techs.

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Sadly that is not what i hoped that did @Svella … <.<

A marcro key press that is replicating a series of presses on a keyboard
which could be “enter” “Shift-down” “S” “Shift-up” “O” “M” “E” “Space” “Shift-down” “T” “Shift-up” “E” “X” “T” “enter”
which would if it worked, post this in the chat box:

[Vizra]: Some Text

But thanks, anyway ^.^

Don’t think mentioned that it was first Regional, so i was unsure if i should trade the essence to someone or use it and people would assist with the summon like in lairs
I didn’t know i wasn’t told before we moved to Blue mountain. nor when we arrived in the zone
i just waited and waited and then elemental effects was thrown around me and Vandelay smashed her hammer in front of me and i just moved aside, not i was sure what was going on…
eventually Either Darkwhisper or Vandaley opened trade and i gave them the Doge Essence, and the summoning of the regional boss started
and this is a Screen of the chat with Vandelay the day after

Sadly i have social anxiety, which also affects me in-game… it is my daemon to fight not yours.
But the chat disconnects had a negative effect. as the loophole i use to break the ice never presented itself…
which is: which is replying to something i can reply to.
but at least that is getting less of an issue in Legends, with the amount of people chatted with.

Chat-disconects is still an issue… it’s like flying blind…
some people are strong with the tunnel vision, others may just disconnected from chat… <.<;

MKU doing the end of a Lair Marathon today though i was kicked from the raid when we were about to go to Kaidan (as the final Lair) due to chat issues
and told him it was because i had cooldown on it (as i did it right before the marathon formed, i mentioned it to the leader before i joined)

I mentioned it at one point in chat, since it seemed i missed out on something when i had forced it back. as there was pause and all i saw was a reply to: a short break, when i asked what i had missed out on.

I had a though the other day.

Would an interface add-on, that automaticly posted a text message into a private chat channel every 2 minute (in my case) work around my issue?
and how could one create such…?