Chat bug- 1st August 2023

Group, raid and cabal chat not working (you get message saying not in group, raid etc.). May be impacting more than just these channels. Was working at 2pm GMT by 3:30 pm it was broken yet again. This is now the third day in a row with this fault.

fyi google irc outage map and all the results show big red circles where funcom keep their servers on east coast. so I dont think its a funcom specific issue

im not certain though

Seems like only custom channels work at the moment.
With #Sanctuary - sometimes you need to resub to the channel or zoning can help make it reconnect to Sanct if you have an auto join script.

Shift + C (the in game social advertising window) also works to advertise for public groups/raid forming.
I managed to get a group last night for a dungeon or 2 this way and even tho we couldn’t communicate through any group chat - we just sent each other tells to say our “Hi’s” and “Thank you’s” etc

I see there is also some minor success with a new /chat join LFG channel too. Seems it was also used back in 2018 possibly for the same reason the the in game chat system can at times be unreliable.

Info may be of some use to someone ^

To sub to a new channel such as #Sanctuary or if this #LFG takes off then just do the following:

Type into chat /chat join [Channel name] (Example /chat join Sanctuary)


You then need to subscribe to this channel by using right click on a channel tab you want to see the chat in, mousing over “Public Groups” and selecting the channel you want to see from there.

This will then say the selected channel will go into the tab you have selected to view it in.

You need to do this every time you log in unless you make an auto join script, which you can find instructions on here:

Sorry, I can only find an old version of these instructions on the games legacy forum (TSW)
If someone has an updated link (For SWL) I will replace it in the post but i think it’s generally the same instructions regardless.

Hope this helps and I hope that the chat gets some TLC soon.
Thanks also @rifla_potetflak for the info on the possible issues on the EC which could be having a negative effect on the servers there.

I made a custom channel for my dungeon group earlier but some player still had issues randomly disconnecting from it after zoning.

It’s better than nothing though and making custom channel for your dungeon group does afford a level of privacy.

As for IRC outages, as far as I understand after a cursory search IRC servers can be ran on your own infrastructure, so it should still be on Funcome’s server hardware. “outage maps” that I found with “irc outage” query are both wildly outdated and not connected to IRC protocol. I’m not entirely sure if the expression “irc outage” even makes sense. I would be grateful for any links that could provide clarification.

P.S. I support creation of #LFG channel to supplement broken chat, but on the other hand we already have Sanctuary that serves that purpose and it’s population leaves somewhat to be desired.

Last time I saw something like this on an IRC server they replaced their custom scripts and it was back up… minus minor maintenance for new channels, but that isn’t a concern since registration is locked here.