Swlcalc, gear planner for SWL


link to swlcalc

This web application can be used to plan your gear progression, to visualize the stats you will reach with a given gear and also to share and show others what set of talismans + weapons you use to tackle encounters in PvE or even PvP.

swlcalc is still in development but this first version is mature enough to be used. There are still a lot of things to do : if you’re interested in contributing, please refer to the Github page.

I relied on several documents & topics for the stats calculations, thanks to all the people that provided these data :

Some former TSW players may find the name & the general look of swlcalc kinda familiar, it’s because I started it from joakibj’s tswcalc project :wink: (thanks again to him).

I hope this will be useful ! Feedbacks are welcome, don’t hesitate to give yours :slight_smile:


Version 1.1.0 is here

New feature : you can know choose any value between 1 and 20/25/30/35/70 for an item level, according to its associated rarity. I guess the main utility of this would be to simulate your current gear on swlcalc, in order to have your exact Item power : then you will be able to visualize all the upgrading alternatives you have to unlock the next Elite level.


A great start. Once you get all the types in it will serve very well for theory crafting certain builds.


Hello Skandi thanks for your comment :slight_smile: actually what do you mean by types ?


The Energy and Efficiency suffixes have their descriptions swapped. Also, suffixes all show %d or %d% instead of the actual value no matter which Quality rank you chose.

Lots of other issues, but I assume you’re aware of most of them and I’ll wait to see how it develops before reporting more.

Though, I will request an “All Intricate/Radiant” button be added as well since that’s what the vast majority of people will be using. Weapon Quality is different and may as well be left manual only.


Nice catch for the Energy/Efficiency swap, I didn’t notice.

Yes, %d% in signets & suffixes descriptions are placeholders for the future, the feature is not yet implemented.
The list of features to be released can be found here. The priority order is top to bottom and was based on my personal judgment so far, but now I will review it with the feedbacks. I’ve added your “All Intricate/Radiant” button request to the list :wink: