SWL Deck Builder

Introducing SWL Deck Builder!

LINK: SWL Builder

Happy anniversary all bees! I hereby proudly present my SWL deck builder!
I wanted to make a small web application to try out a tech stack and since there isn’t a web builder like TSW Builder a builder seemed like a good choice.
If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please tell!

Thanks to

I relied on two google sheets and therefor I want to thank the people behind the following sheets:

Thank you! You have done a great job and saved me so much time!

How to use

  1. Add abilities by clicking on them
  2. Rearrange abilities by dragging and dropping them inside the ability bars
  3. Remove abilities by dropping them outside of the ability bars
  4. Save builds by bookmarking or writing down URL

Known issues

  • Dragging and dropping abilities is a little bit wonky
  • Tooltips can make scroll appear causing “jumps”

Coming features

  • Users (Sign up / Login, save builds)
  • Better tagging
  • Better build validator (only 2 weapons, 1 elite ability)

Hey there - went to check it out but the site was apparently down. Maybe you’re making changes. :wink:

Hi! It should be up and accessible. :slight_smile: Are you using IE or Edge by any chance?
Edit: Added support for Edge now.
Edit 2: Oh, did you click the TSW Builder link maybe? That’s the old builder for TSW, sad it’s down. I visited it like last week.
www.swl-builder.com is the link to my builder.

And remember to clear cache. :slight_smile:

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Got it! Thanks!

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God dammit. A search function and everything, just like TSW. Shame this isn’t available in Secret World Lite. This has been the highlight of this years anniversary for me. Thank-you.

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That is AWESOME!!! Thank you for making the effort! :smile: :tada::confetti_ball:

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@Drenneth, thank you so much for your kind words!

@AWOL thank you! Glad you enjoy!

I am a returning player and have been looking for something like this. Quite disapointed that I could not find any for SWL. So made my day when finding this! Created a forum user just so I could “Like” it :slight_smile:


I can’t describe how happy your words made me! :smiley: This makes it all worth it!
If you have any questions, suggestions, issues or general feedback please let me know. :slight_smile:


The application is fully functional and works like a charm.

If you are looking to improve it, here are some quality of life suggestions:

  • would be great if the passives could be aligned as in-game :slight_smile:
  • as you are aware of, the right scrollbar is appearing and disappearing. As I understand there are no perfect solutions for this, but personally I then prefer to have the scrollbar there all the time (this can be set)
  • if I look at the bottom passives, the popup text goes below my screen. If i try to scroll down, I lose focus on the passive. As is I cannot read the entire text. This is in Chrome btw. This is an issue will all popups that extend past the bottom of current view, but is most prevalent for bottom elements.
  • is there some missing text on the actives? In particular, the actives are missing how much resource they generate. Not a biggie, but would be nice to have. Assume this was missing from the sources you copied from as well.
  • probably a tedious job, but icons on all passives would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your contribution :sunny:

That’s the old TSW system, not the SWL one.

In SWL there are Basic, Power, Special and Elite abilities.

Non-Basic abilities cost energy to use (the little lightning icon beside the cooldown and cast time indicators). There are no longer resources generated by abilities, though a few will give energy, (eg Seethe in hammer).

Energy is gained at 1/s for the primary weapon and 0.5/s for your secondary weapon, and any critical hit will generate 1 energy for the weapon from which the crit came.

The passive text on the bottom row also falls off the bottom of the screen on Firefox too btw :slight_smile:

So what are Rage, Corruption, Martyrdom and Heat level then ?

Note that for example Pulverise mentions “Generates 18 Hate” while Demolish lacks this information.
Edit : Hate != Rage, so this is totally unrelated to “resources”, therefore mentioning is stupid and I totally would like to strike this, but this editor doesn’t support strike-through :slight_smile:

Interesting question!

Hammer and Fist generating Rage and Fury could be considered resources, given that they are spent by attacks. Fury is more of a resource Wrath has a specific threshold before you can use it.

Are Heat and Corruption/Martyrdom really resources though? You don’t so much spend them as their levels dictate how the weapon mechanic functions. You can increase or reduce them, but they aren’t “consumed” in the same way that Rage is.

It’s probably just a mistake on my interpretation of what Vanqor was saying, given that TSW used to use resources :slight_smile: Sorry, my bad!

like this? using < s> < /s>

Thanks a lot for the feedback! :smiley:
I’m currently on vacation and not able to continue working on the project for the upcoming two weeks but I will fix the following when I can.

  • Definitely rearrange passives to mirror their location ingame
  • Make scrollbar always visible
  • Better alignment of tooltips
  • The missing text can be added, the sheets I used either had thet information in a separate column or not directly connected to their actives which required more manual work. Most of the text, if not all, is already stored under a different key in the object but I didn’t make the front-end to display it.
  • Passives is hard because I don’t play that much myself and will need to first unlock them. If someone wants to send me screenshots of all weapons passives except for AR (already got) it would help. All I need is a full screenshot of all the passives, preferable when doing the Into Darkness missionsince the window is transparent and in 1440p. I could then crop them when I get home. :slight_smile:
  • AP and SP costs for each active and passive for future planning will also be added but requires me to manual check ingame.