Help Choosing an Ele Focus

Hi all. I played SWL for a bit after launch and really enjoyed it, but got caught up in other games and haven’t been back since. Now I’m planning on playing again and looking for a little advice.

I’m trying to decide on a main hand Ele focus. A build guide I watched recommended Totemic Hell Lord, but I’m unable to find one on the AH (which also suggests to me that if one popped up it would be crazy expensive).

Anima-Touched and Flame-Wreathed weapons are way out of my price range for now. Is there anything that would be a real solid 2nd tier choice that would also not be super pricey? Sort of like Misery & Malice is to pistols?

I’m also trying to refresh my memory on the class mechanics (and I understand some changes have been made since I last played), so any explanation of your suggested choice would also be very much appreciated.


This will give you a nice rundown and approximate damage numbers for…almost everything in game. There is some argument about how accurate the dps numbers are, but it is at least a starting place.

Also of note, Witch Doctor weapons, if you choose that one, do NOT show under “Epic” in the AH, you have to go by “All” for rarity, and search by name.

Thanks, I have seen that. Unfortunately, unless I’m reading it wrong it doesn’t have numbers for most of the Ele focii, and I’m not knowledgeable enough yet to make an informed choice based on the effect description only.

And thanks for the tip re: the Witch Doctor weapons.

Witch Doctors are not good. Even worse then Flame ones and those are like your “2nd tier” when there really, really is nothing better. (Reason is weapons are somewhat mathematically balanced, so weapons that do only flat bonus damage, like Flame, are usually weak ones because the damage is rather insignificant to not “break things”. FC is scared of that.)

The best bet and what to look for is something that interacts with weapon mechanics because that one you can exploit by proper weapon using (meaning building the build around the effect, exploiting what it does by using synergies if you can).

Because effect that triggers once a 10s for 3s will still be likely “mathematically” balanced around the average damage the on-hit weapons do. But your build might be able to burst more damage skills or use other buffs into those 3s, giving you the edge over simple Flame which you can’t exploit in any way (and that’s where “on average” math fails).

That’s the general idea.

Now… I do not use ele as main, so don’t know how exactly it can fit into rotation after last changes. But Totemic looks very promising. The damage dot and lightning things are useless. But the cold damage buff might count. It’s same as how people are using frozen figurine (you will have same buff thanks to heat). And that 15 cold might be what makes or breaks the basic build.

Second interesting worth testing would be overclock. That one uses time limited buff. If you can utilize it, like use power abilities on the buff when it happens, and builders/secondary weapon when it’s down, it has some potential. Although random heating may work for or against you.

Infernal Apparatus is what we tried to use back in time when overheating was the impossible problem. It should allow you to get into red zone, cast blizzard to cool your self, cast crystallized flame sinking its serious heat into infernal and one more power ability in red zone without affecting heat, then it cools you and you may build it back. No idea how that transforms into today’s heat management.

Don’t forget that until Mythic (yellow) 35 you can use anything, pips and such don’t matter much. You will need one such weapon anyway for leg fusion, so that’s your opportunity to get used to effects/test how well it handles. Get a feel about heat management if more/less would be better. And gives you time to look for other weapons.

Sinking money for a weapon you are not sure you want/can handle now is not worth.

Thanks for the detailed reply!