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Woefallen’s Guide to Teaming With a Doc

Finding a Doc
When you are forming a team and you decide that you do want a doc, remember that most docs are desperate to find a team since their low (if any) damage does not endear them to teammates. Consequently, you do not need to be polite or even say anything, like you do when you’re trying to get an engie or an agent to join your team. The preferred method for recruiting docs is to travel to a crowded area (like Bronto Burger in Omni Ent or South Gate in Tir), target a doctor, then run all the way to the other end of the crowd and click on “invite.” Make sure the doctor can’t see you when she looks around and make sure to either ignore or or at least delay any responses to /tells or any questions from her. If she doesn’t join your team right away or declines your invite, run back up to her (from behind) and click on “invite” 19 more times. Note, advanced players will also try hovering in a yalm 40’ directly over the doc before inviting.

Buffing with a Doc
Now that your team is formed, the first order of business is to buff up. Make sure you do not give the doc any of your profession’s often sought after buffs unless she asks for them, such as Essence or reflect shields, because she is probably trying to keep 200 NCU free so she can cast HoTs on herself. Make sure to ask for Iron Circle and the team HP buff before the rest of the team is in range so that when she casts it a second time to update the rest of the team, you will have it twice. Also, if you have any free NCU left over, top yourself off on pointless expertise buffs like Swimming so that your doc isn’t tempted to waste her time casting temporary HoTs or HP buffs on you.

Missioning with a Doc
Team missions are just like solo missions, only there are six of you, so you can go six times as fast. Make sure to run from room to room as fast as you can so that you don’t waste any of the doc’s time. Also, remember that having a doc in the team means that you will always be healed, so there is no need to stop between fights to heal up. Most good doctors have unlimited nanos so they will always be ready with the heals, making combat a cinch. Run into the largest room you can find and attack the middle mob. Make sure to stay in the large room as fighting in the ajacent room will likey cause less mobs to attack your team, which slows down the amount of experience you get and ■■■■■■ off the doc. To further save time, make sure to loot chests only durring or right after a fight–the doctor’s frantic team heal spamming because of the fight you started will cover any incedental damage from trapped chests. If the doctor takes aggro, let her keep it. She is the healer and it’s easier for her to heal herself then to heal anyone else.

Also, while I usually discourage players from keeping their team window open when they are fighting (since it blocks part of their view), it can be a useful tool when exploring. If your team is busy rebuffing or someone is away from the computer, run until the doctor stops showing up on your team window and start attacking mobs on your own. Hold your ground and shout for heals as needed. Also note that docs like to see you split off from the team as it works its way throught the mission and for you to start a seperate fight because it tells us that you are taking initiative and we will finish the mission sooner. If you get into trouble, the doc will leave the rest of the team and come running to your aid, or (and this is rare), she won’t and you will have to train your mobs to the rest of the team, who will be happy to help you kill them.

After the fight is over, avoid using your health treatment kits, especially if you are the only person injured and the doc has full nanos. We enjoy helping everyone else out and we know how expensive your health treatment kits are so we would much rather use our 30 QL higher nano treatment kit to save you the hassle of siting down, healing, and standing back up again. Remember, because most low to mid level docs don’t use weapons, we are made of money.

Many docs foolishly believe that, just because they are your heal monkey, that this gives them some right to make tactical descisions like saying what mobs are too hard or by ordering retreats. A doc who tells her teammates to run only does so because she is a coward, blinded from the battle by staring at everyone’s HP and nanos in the team window. She doesn’t have the vast tactical training nor combat expereince you have that comes from your countless hours of pressing Tab then Q while watching reruns of Giligan’s Island on tv, so it’s usually best to either ignore her or do the oppposite of what she says. Sometimes, at higher levels, the doc will get lazy and cast Complete Healing on you–she does this so she has an excuse for not healing again for a while and the best solution is to continue doing whatever it is that you are doing that caused the first CH. If you get into trouble, run into another room and spam “HJEEL” until the doc gets aggro from using her team heals, then when you get healed back to half life, start looting chests.

Docs have no claim on any items except doctor nanos and doc only nodrop items. If they ask for anything else, they are being greedy as they clearly have no use for weapons, armor, and any other uber gear. Also, if your team’s doc loots something, always ask to roll for it. Once all the combat professions have looted the boss, make sure to grid everyone out because some docs (especially those on their main character) will stoop to looting junk from the boss and selling it to the store. This type of looting is discraceful and needs to be discouraged to preserve the doc’s dignity.

Let’s face it, most docs are far less uber then you and thus their healing skills will, on occasion, fail to keep you alive. If you do die, it was because of a mistake the doctor made and has nothing to do with you going up the lift by yourself while the rest of your team is on the level below buffing. It probably has something to do with the doc being “gay” or “a ■■■■” (or both), so you should do your best to warn the rest of your team that the doc is “a gay ■■■■” so they know to be careful. But, because some team members may not necessarily believe you, you must first prove your uberness by describing how long you have been playing for and then call the doc a n00b. It helps if you swear, use ALL CAPS, and misspell everything. Not only will this encourage the doc to try harder next time, but it will actually increase your chance that she’ll want to team with you again. Note that if the doctor dies instead of you, she always appreciates messages that say “heal!!!” as she’s sitting at the reclaim. It shows that you care, that you are paying attention, and that her heals are missed.

Getting Doctor Buffs When Not Teamed
Walk up to a doctor (try to find one that looks busy) and say “IC” or “SFA!” If there is no one else around, /tell the doc instead of using vicinity, as most docs turn off vicinity chat. If you want IC (Iron Circle), make sure you are already in a full team before asking for it and if you want SFA make sure to seek out a doc between level 70 and 110 as higher level docs are harder to find. Also, if you only need +10 or +20 treatment, make sure not to mention that until after you have received SFA.

Thanking a Doc
If a doc saves your ■■■ after you pull more mobs then there are people on your team, the best way to thank her for keeping everyone alive is to repeat whatever actions you took that caused the dangerous fight. This complements the doc by saying ‘you are so good I feel free to be totaly reckless’ and it makes us feel good too. Also, the best way to thank a doc is to share with her your many pearls of doctor wisdom you have picked up playing enforcers, soldiers, fixers, and traders. Tell them things like “wear a medsuit so you can use better stims, my mongo will keep the ace off your gimp ■■■” or “emergency nano kits are almost as good as the regular ones so it doesn’t matter if you get aggro.”

Doctor’s Dictionary
When you team up with docs, you might hear them use some strange terms (such as WTF!?!) and this Doctor Dictionary will help you translate them.

add: This is short for ‘additional monsters needed’ and is used when the monster you are fighting is an easy kill and the doc feels the team can handle more. When you hear this, run into ajoining rooms and pull more monsters into the fight.
afk: This common term stands for “Attack, Fight, Kill” and is the doc’s way of telling you to go pull mobs.
brb: An acronym, this is short for “Boss Room Battle,” and is a doc’s way of telling the team it’s time to fight the duneon or mission boss. Note that you will also sometimes see “afk brb,” meaning the same thing.
out of nano: If your doc says this after a fight, make sure you hit her with your QL 20 nano recharger berfore you run three rooms down and start another major fight.
puller: The team’s puller has the important job of “pulling” the team into fights. Usually this is accomplished by having an Agent with no evades Aimed Shot a social mob for 1/2 it’s life or by having a similarily HP gimped teammate run into a room and fire off at least three special attacks, thereby pulling the rest of the team into the room to save him. Note that the puller does not have to be the same person every time and it is often best if different people pull as to keep the doc guessing who will drop to 1/3 their life and make her try to figure out what room they are in.
rez sick: When docs say they are rez sick, it means they are sick of dying and ressurecting and they want to go straight to the room in the mission that killed them the first time and start fighting. (note that this is also referred to as “reclaim sick”).
tank: This is the person whose job it is to pull mobs to the doc.
wait: “wait” is a bit tricky. While it sounds like the word “wait,” as in ‘stop,’ what the doc is really saying is a shortened version of “waste it all.” meaning destroy everything in the area. Docs will use this if they want you to start charging the mission.
WTF!?!: This means “Way To Fight” and is used to complement you on your brilliant tactical choices.

Note to Docs
As a doctor, it is your job to keep everyone alive no matter what they do or what their evades and armor are. Some docs claim it is only their job to assist teammates with heals and buffs and that it’s ultimately up to each player to be responsible for himself, but that simply isn’t true. A good doc will be able to keep anyone alive regardless of what happens, and over 95% of all team deaths are due to a failure on the doc’s part. I’m sorry to let our secret out, but yes, we are miracle workers. I haven’t ever lost a teammate and if you try real hard too, you will also keep everyone alive.

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There was actually a priority list, this is one of the threads that just happened to make it before sickness and real life took over. Wish we could’ve gotten more done, however i’m glad to hear that you appreciate what we were able to.


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