Doctor for new player?

Hi everyone,

New player here: I’ve heard good things about Anarchy Online, and have always loved games with a bit of complexity to them. Now I’ve been meaning to give the game a chance, and have done a fair bit of reading. Since supportive professions are usually my most enjoyed across other games, I had the idea to start out with a Doctor.

However, some guides state that it can be a bit of a challenge to level it up, and there’s a bit of a creditcrunch at low levels.

Is this issue as big as it’s made out to be? And if so, are there any of the more ‘interesting’ classes that are more beginner friendly?

Thanks in advance, I look forward to meeting you all in game! :slight_smile:

First bit of advice-- Join AO’s Discord. It’s way more active then here or FB. There’s an invite link in the launcher. Mostly mature friendly people.

Docs are always in demand but they level slowly due to not great dps-- you outlast the mobs. MP’s are a bit easier to start with imo.

AO Universe is the Main site for AO info:

and for running around newbie isle the first few times I always recommend the Arete Quest list for some strange reason. :thinking:

Welcome to AO!


Thanks for the invite, I’ll check out the Discord, and do some more research on the MP! :slight_smile:
Appreciate it.

Welcome to Anarchy Online

My thoughts of the classes, and mainly from the past, as I can recall. Just a little bit of my current experiences

Any class can be easy, though that just means you’re not playing the class to it’s full potential.
Shade the exception . they are not really a easy class
Martial Artist (MA) is really the simplest to play, mainly because no weapons.
My first Doctor started out with pistols, but switched to a MA doctor .
My first high level was Agent, and played the Agent as meant to be, all My new agent’s I create, I don’t do False Profession’s. just Aim Shot. If I do a False Profession. it’s a MP for the heal pet.
I don’t do well with Pet classes, in any game.
The Pet classes are not very easy in the beginning, maybe the Bureaucrat is easiest at the beginning of the Pet classes. The MP just has there own lil army, mid level plus, I did find them fun to play, at the start you’re basically fighting next to them, but later you can send them to attack and have have your crackers and tea, and watch the show.
I never played the Engineer much, so don’t have much to say about them. Not useful thing s to say even Vaguely.
The Trader, as much as I try, I’m terrible as a Trader I really want to play as a Trader. Another one I would have trouble describing
Adventure, just your jack of all Trades, master of none class. I found they are easy, but not me, I do better as an adventure then Trader though
Fixer . . is really fun to play, and they have a awesome Long HOT,That others will want on them
the Nanotech (NT), like the Agent a glass cannon, but instead a cannon, they Nuke. you could say they are the magic users of Anarchy Online
I haven’t played a Soldier far, maybe 20 something, they’re boring for me
Enforcers, I like them at low levels, just a tank, Basically “Hulk smash” crossed with that guy in mortal combat “get over here”. Fun, but well not my forte
Been to long for me to recall Keepers.
Shades, they’re the Assassins

I wouldn’t say

they are all the same in that area, if you just solo

Depending how you like to play, and any one of the classes to choose from can be beginner friendly depending how quick you are to understanding how they play.

I picked up on the Agent pretty quick, but not the Trader or pet classes
Martial Artist and Adventure very beginner friendly

They all start out newb/beginner Friendly, it’s later they may not be so friendly

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as a new player, you can absolutely level up as a doctor. like any healing class, they will kill stuff slower than a dps class. obviously they are most well suited for teaming up but many players enjoy doctor for soloing content because they can sustain through long fights. people arent lying when they say that doctor isnt beginner friendly but if you are familiar with the healer role then it shouldnt be an issue. if you want to play a supportive class that is more suited for solo leveling then I would suggest fixer, martial artist, or metaphysicist. each of these professions have a more balanced mix of damage, defense, and healing capabilities. choose fixer for ranged dps, martial artist for melee dps, and metaphysicist for a caster/pet dps. adventurer is also a good hybrid class which is more open ended because you can go ranged or melee based on preference.


I don’t think Docs are hard to level.