Beginner question on classes


So I am a longer time Secret World Legends player and as I reach a lot of the stuff that can be done there I would like to catch a break so I though I look into other Funcom games.
I thought I start a bit Anarchy online and already found myself a list on classes but couldn’t find a list on what weapons are avaidable and which class can have which weapon.
Is there such a list in existence or can someone tell me about those diffrent weapons?

Anything else one should know before character creation to have a smooth start into the game?


Generally speaking, any class could if they wanted to use any weapon that wasn’t locked to a certain profession, breed or side.

Your best if somewhat aged resource for what works and doesn’t work can be found in here:

Each profession has some sort of stickied guide that discusses weapons; some of it is dated, granted. (This keeper guide is fresh.)

Then there’s the fact that certain professions either don’t have weapon support (doctors famously mess around with weapon setups, chasing damage in exotic ways) or have support for several weapon lines (adventurer, soldier and enforcer most obviously)… and of course AO has a coprophile’s heaven in the form of weapons and armor. By way of example, this is a list of two-handed edged weapons with Fast Attack special attacks.

The trend, though, is:
Adventurer: 1h Edged and Pistol
Agent: Rifle (traditionally – MA agents are happening right now)
Bureaucrat: Pistol/shotgun (but really, it’s their nano skills)
Doctor: Pistol/shotgun(/MA/heavy weapons/piercing/1h Edged – you get the idea)
Enforcer: Any and all melee weapons, though Melee Energy isn’t supported as well
Engineer: Pistol/Grenade (their bots are their main weapon)
Fixer: SMG
Keeper: 2h Edged (Melee Energy works these days too)
MA: Hand to hand. No weapons, but have combined attacks with some weapons (there’s the rare bow MA too, but…)
MP: Pistol/bow/2h Blunt/1h Blunt (pets are their main weapons)
NT: Non-expansion ones I’ve seen prefer pistol
Shade: Piercing
Soldier: Any and all ranged weapons except bow with varying levels of support
Trader: Shotgun


One thing to remember is some classes have nanos for their default weapons and going against type nerfs the toon. My Bow-Keeper’s 2he nanos didn’t work on his bow, sniff. A soldier is all about Full Auto and there are shiny (soldier only) FA dmg nanos that just don’t work with the 2HB hammer.

Since all the classes except Shade can use implants you can get/build imps for a weapon class so you can equip most high level weapons.

I messed around some with going against type-- Bow Keeper, Spear Soldier, AR Shade. Leveled the first two to around 100 before moving on; but I’ll tell you right now, the AR shade-- just too too painful…even done on the test server where you get all the end-game weapons/armor/other gear and max levels just for the asking.


And people called me nuts for playing a Ranged Energy nanomage soldier once. :slight_smile:


Generally speaking; whatever weapon you find in your inventory just after spawning into the world? That’s the weapon type you’ll be using through the game. Not the exotic stuff.

Engineer spawn with a Solar-powered pistol and upgrade that same pistol type all the way into end game. Soldier spawn with assault rifle with burst and fling specials etc.

People don’t like to give firm answers to these sorts of questions because someone will come along and say MY SOLDIER DUAL WIELDS PIES. HOW DARE U!


I think I’d replace “how dare you” with an unsaid “I’m ubah /w dis [goal realistically attainable but far in the future rather than first character friendly]! /STRONG2 ! and u can be 2 for only 2.999b!”

I don’t like giving firm answers mostly because everyone has different tastes and a lot to choose from (which, face it, is why AO’s items database being so big is both awesome and feeding a habit). :smiley:


I picked a trader with a shotgun…so far faired ok. But enemies feel like bulletsponges sometimes.


I’ve been working on a froob engineer guide. It’s unfinished. I’m actually writing the guide as a way to learn how to create and publish ebooks - for ePUB and Kindle.

I just uploaded the unfinished guide to my mediafire cloud.

Moved the link down thread.


You’re right, Dakaren. The guide really does need serious editing work. Sections need need to be shifted around and new content added - I originally started it as a tutorial to learn ebook creation and publishing - but got bogged down in game minutia.

Updated and fixed a lot of errors.


Welcome to the game! Trader is super fun and the pace of battles increases as you progress, especially with the amount of offensive nanos you’ll be playing with and maintaining during fights.