Buffs and services


Because of almost everyone wanting tips for buffs and services i have to quit playing on the new server because by me paying for buffs and services i can’t get the items i need to help me out.

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What are you talking about…?
Why do you HAVE to pay for buffs?
What items are unobtainable?


people would like tips for mochams MC/TS and 131 wrangle. I hardly have enough creds for me to get implants and my nanos to help me out but when i have to tip for the buffs or to have things made it takes away from my creds.


Do you have any idea how much work it is to cast mochams or 131 at level 100?
Perhaps you could imagine being on the other end listening to a whiner crying because people expect something from him…


well, if i had my equipment and creds to spare i would tip, but being a meta myself an not having the best pet i can makes it hard for me.


As a MP you can self buff into a good pet and run missions of a higher level to make good money. It just takes patience.


my highest buffs are masteries so the highest self buff pets i can do at lvl 76 are 107 attack and sanoo healing


There you go, now work on it…


fine if this is the way everyone wants to be then i’ll take a sledge hammer to my computer and game consoles and say f*** games


I think you have problems outside the community…
Why dont you take a break and relax, do something else and then come back?
You are treating everyone around you as if they owe you something, and thats called being entitled… dont be entitled…

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Not everybody requests tips for their buffs, majority of players will buff you without anything in return, try to team up with others make friends and you will never have problems in this game Ive been playing AO since 2001 and made so many friends that we still in contact till this day! Patience is the key to success.


Buffs are essential to play this game at a high level, and pet classes need them to cast pets every time they log on.

An active player-base is essential to do this, but with the numbers dwindling, it can sometimes be hard to find someone.

You have to be patient and be willing to wait 5-15 minutes for someone to be free to buff you. Being in a large org helps a lot for this.

Otherwise, do what I do and roll an alt (trader/MP) to buff yourself with fast-exit.


I just reactivated my account a month ago to play on rk19 after about 10 years of not playing.

i used to play on die neue welt where tipping for buffs was uncommon so i was a bit concerned about it.
but i never had someone demand a tip and for me tipping is always optional if someone wants sfa for example.

im actually suprised of how nice the community (still) is compared to other games, its what i missed the most about ao

Just dont expect others to go out of their way just to give you a hard to obtain buff, 131 or mochams are expensive to get and very hard to cast at the current level cap, there are few who can cast it and they most likely need to get buffs themselves first.

To give you an example, if im around and have infuses running i will happily give you sfa and im fine with a thanks but i might just dont feel like relogging on my doc, searching for an mp myself to get infuses just to give you sfa, but for a small tip i would think again because, well, i could use the money

also, maybe lower your expectations, does it really need to be an 131?


lol tell me how much. i have lvl 100 trader and it was about blits 6 mission to get all what i need to be able cast 132 wrangle

and before that about 2m for base stuff and nanos. and was never asked tips for buff. and why shoud i if somebody need mi buff i will buff him. how many times u pay tip for fixer buffs in case u dond have one ? i realy doubt that every time if u need. or another way wil u pay doc for his heals ? becouse he had to do lot of work to get that heals ?


Do you play on new or old server? I bet new… @tufts181
If old one, send me a pm. cba to play on rk2019 without expansions…


Well said. And so if anyone asks me for me a buff while standing near me, I’d be fine with giving them it for free. Asking me to travel to them, or wait for them, while I could be doing something else, hmm.

However, the doc analogy fails, presuming the doc also gains from participating in the group, and everyone else in the group has spent time perfecting their craft as well.

Asking the doc for a treatment buff, you should pay him/her.