Buffing room/playfield

First thing… Hello!

Now, for the other thing: what would it take for devs or… someone to create a room, like one of them shop rooms in each of Bor, RB, OA that has a buff machine in it? Something that gives you all the stuff like behe, ic, sfa, fg, es, wrangles etc., limited to that room/playfield only, once you step out you get debuffed. You can also set up a cost of 500k creds per buff, I don’t care…

I’m only asking because I can’t seem to get any buffs to get stuff equipped. People don’t play much AO nowdays.

PS: Sorry if I started this in the wrong forum section.

What would it take?

RL Creds :slight_smile:

You can already buy FG from the shop and I think a handful of other ones.

Not that I think it’s a good idea, I think it’s a terrible one. AO has always been a collaborative game and I like having to find a kind stranger for buffs.

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Agree with Core, hunt of the buffs for twinking is part of the overall challenge. Might as well automate everything in the game.

A while ago it would be bad since people made money from buffs (100k for SFA got me a lot of moneh).

A while ago I didn’t have such problems. But right now, if you don’t know a couple of people (and I don’t know anyone anymore) to log in enfo, doc, agent, trader, nt at the same time, you’re screwed. I used to enjoy this game a few (actually more than a few) years back.

Guess it’s uninstall time. And it took me forever to get past the file integrity part too.

It is generally easy to find buffs if you hang around OA grid/hill/Bore/whatever or join any sized org.

You’re uninstalling because you can’t find players to buff you? There are plenty of people (like myself), with every desirable buff on froob accounts, that will go out of their way to log on, to buff anyone asking in OOC.

If being unable to find buffs draws the line for you, then perhaps you should uninstall, because even that is easier than finding a team.


The gameplay I wanted is fun teamed, but can also be soloable if well twinked. As for late game, one 220 keeper is enough for me, had no intention to go past 150 again (if that). And i spent like 8 hours looking for buffs for my 15 fixer to get pere beamer on. Couldn’t find all of them in time. Plus someone robbed 3 sets of ql 74, 225 and 300 mercs + 1 LSoTI + 1 excalibur or whatever it’s called off my account (I know who, I gave him the password afterall). So I uninstalled.

You should never give your account details to anyone else.
Not only is it very risky, it’s in violation of the EULA.

That’s why I’m not petitioning :slight_smile:

Maybe your frustrations with buff finding, a generally easy thing to do, is concealing your grief over losing items to someone you trusted. Did you really uninstall because of buffing issues, or because you had (virtual) things stolen from you?
It’s never to late to start from scratch; it actually sounds like a fun challenge to be self funded, to someone who has funded every toon since the second… – OR, I am just talking out of my ■■■, and you simply can’t be bothered with a 17-year-old game set to maintenance mode.

Buffs mate, buffs. That’s all I cared about. Oh and 2 polly pillows, those were a bummer to lose coz they still are expensive af. But mainly buffs, pillows I would have borrowed.

Do you really think it’s realistic getting a buff from an enfo, doc, agent, trader and nt at the same time? In 2018? Even at the height of the game, you’d need serious luck or a dedicated org to achieve this, and it’d often take hours. If you want to uber twink then fine, but don’t expect it to be easy.

If you’re just playing a main, you don’t need all those buffs to get decent gear. The population is not what it used to be, true, so play accordingly. Instead of designing a kit that requires sfa, behe, ic, es, fg, 131 and whatnot to put on, just design one that requires one or two.

Sorry for your loss.

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Well, Core, I did mention pere beamer and lvl 15, didn’t I? :slight_smile: But, anyway, I’m not gonna get into it, already uninstalled the game. I can’t play like this, without x or y or less of z. I’m only good at twinking. Or at least i used to be…

Again sorry for your loss. As far as twinking goes I think you have your expectations slightly too high for the times. You can still uber twink, but you will likely have to raise alts on seperate froob accounts if you want those buffs garanteed. Just the way things are now.

If you ever play again and need a trader send me a shout.

The buff room is a good idea. Put it in Jobe for paid players to use. I’d scale the available buff list and levels of characters - not exactly sure which buffs to offer on that list but it wold be rudimentary for sure. Maybe limit buffs by title level.

Paid accounts should get some special benefits beyond the veteran vendor and expansion gear/symbs/nano.

What your missing isn’t buffs per-say, what you’re missing is a decent guild.
Maybe you’re not a social type of player, I don’t know.
I am I chat to people all the time I always have; if you’re not then you’re missing out.


if you want a buffing room then you should level up 5 froob agents and park them in a neutral shop next to a surgery clinic. Voila you now have a buffing room :slight_smile: people have been doing it like this for years.