Why does it take you guys such a long time to patch such little things?

You guys have confirmed that both the Sets tongue and Mitra justice are indeed bugged and should not remove buffs of another player when they are hit by it. You have known this for over a month yet it has not been fixed yet. I am playing on a private server where they have their own modder. That modder has simply fixed the problem in a day and the weapons no longer remove buffs. Why is it taking you guys over a month to patch such a little thing?.. This is very depressing


Because your modder has the freedom to do what he wants, at the pace he’s comfortable with. The dev team for Conan Exiles has to prioritize all issues and then work on the highest priority issues first, before dealing with lower priority ones.


CodeMage, you play long enough to know exactly that this is not how they do it. They screwed the climbing in december and yet I am waiting for a fix. We now have end of February. And climbing is a priority fix.

My female character often still slides as if she walkes on ice on certain floors. 3/4 of my T4 Thralls get negativ numbers when becoming lvl 20. Thralls on stations still get the spread arm animation. Hitting baseelements still resets the decaytimer. Using Foundations on servers leads to tremendious problems in regards of server fps and lags.

Funcom fixes what ever Funcom wants to be fixed. This has nothing to do with priority.


@Fiddle Can you send a link with this confirmation that it is not intended for these weapons to remove buffs in general? What is likely not intended is the fact that you can’t re-apply the buffs until you die!?

Another personal question, why are you feeling so depressed when you are playing on a server where solution for your problem has been found by a helpful modder?

It feels like when people go to see a doctor about something trivial, like a sore finger, and only after a longer discussion they find the courage to tell what they really wanted to ask about, such as STDs.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse to snipe at Funcom.

This is one of many posts where Funcom confirms that this is indeed a bug and not an intended game mechanic.

The reason i think this is depressing because this is not just my problem or your problem. This is a game problem, like many other bugs in the game. It should not take this long to patch something so trivial. It is a problem where private server owners have to take matters into their own hands and fix funcoms problem. They should not have to do this, the devs should fix their own game.

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Then maybe the dev team should fix how they prioritize stuff. There are many small problems that can easily be fixed such as the one i said above. Although this may seem like a small problem it really hurts the pvp when these weapons are not hard to obtain.


I don’t see any confirmation that it is a bug here!? Just that Ignasis will remind the developers to give their feedback on the issue?

For me top priority number one is to have a toggle for camera shake because I can’t farm stones without getting headaches. I couldn’t care less whether these weapons remove buffs or not which doesn’t mean that your issue is less important than mine to the developers even though mine prevents me from playing the game completely. I hope you see the problem here, what you think is important is not important for everyone. You can guys still pvp without buffs or change your builds to not rely on buffs while waiting for the reply whether it is indeed a bug or an intended mechanic.

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  • Set’s Tongue and Mitra’s Justice should no longer remove buffs from other players on hit.

( Testlive Patch (24.02.2020) - Additional fixes and fine-tuning )

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That’s not a confirmation.

Dec '19. Above is a post from Ignasis saying he’d prompt the team to look into it. At the same time, another thread was dealing with the subject:

In the above “cleansing is bugged” thread, Ignasis seems a bit unsurprised that these weapons are working this way. Dec '19.

And finally, from the Mounts and Movement patch:

Look in Ignasis’s OP and find the word “cleansing.” It is specifically mentioned in the fix for Cleansing Brew, which is apparently intended to remove corruption. There are some inconsistencies, but I don’t think this means it takes forever for little things to get fixed. :man_shrugging:t2:

I have no problem with camera shake at all. It’s non existent for me. And your solution is worthless to the game. Like since you can be invulnerable to fall damage, should I just build under the mesh so people don’t raid my tower base by jumping from 500 blocks in the sky and surviving? Or when crip bleed was a thing, what were we suppose to do then when it took them months to patch it? Or how about when mitra staff was bugged, we were suppose to stop pvping or use the same bugged weapon? My point is that problems like this and others should not be taking so long to be fixed.

Is it? I’m not saying that it’s not important or that it doesn’t affect players. I’m just asking where we can see how Funcom prioritizes their work.

The only thing I can find is their Trello board and not only does it seem a bit out of date, but it doesn’t show almost anything in terms of prioritization. At most, you can see the “Prioritized” label on some of the cards. :man_shrugging:

That’s what prioritization means. They look at the things that they have to work on, form their own opinion on how important they are, try to estimate how much work it is, and then assign priorities based on all those factors. Priorities that we, unfortunately, can’t see.

Honestly, I don’t even work in gaming anymore and I’m getting increasingly frustrated by the people’s refusal to understand that software development is not magic and that it’s not always possible to patch your favorite bug as fast as you would like it.

Could they do a better job prioritizing things? Probably. Could they do a better job communicating? Most definitely. Does a thread like this one help anyone get their issue fixed sooner? No way in hell. At best, it’s cathartic :man_shrugging:


Maybe they should. What they could definitely do is fix how they communicate about these things.

It looks to me like they haven’t updated their Trello board in months. On top of that, most of the bug reports I’ve seen get a reply along the lines of “thanks, we’ll tell the team”, but I’ve never seen a follow-up that says “hey, the team says it’s a bug”.

Speaking of prioritization, this is the prime example of why they should communicate better. We each have our own opinions on what’s important and what isn’t and it would help a lot if Funcom would step in to say “I’m sorry you’re having difficulties getting your toon to kill another, but we think it’s a bit more important to make sure real, live people don’t get real life headaches from playing our game.” :wink:

Not that I think they would say that, since I’ve seen that particular issue reported so many times that I’ve lost count and they haven’t even said “thanks, we’ll talk to our team about it” :frowning:

“I’m sorry you’re having difficulties getting your toon to kill another, but we think it’s a bit more important to make sure real, live people don’t get real life headaches from playing our game” Someone tried extorting from me (which is illegal in america) via land claim griefing for 2 months. Funcom refused to do anything till I contacted sony because funcoms “harassment and griefing” page states at the end they “may” act on stuff. They refused to act till sony was contacted and I still dont know if they acted or if sony did. So after what I went through “real life headaches” are not their priority imho.

Your prayers have been heard …


Your falling thing is pointless to me as well as the debuff. Both nonexistent for me and I only play on pvp servers. So here it is, multiple people saying your issue is a non issue, why should it be prioritized first? Because you claim it is game breaking? I’ve not seen that.

Regardless, I think you miss the point. Just because YOU think something is a priority, doesn’t make it so. You are clueless to probably 99% of the issues they are working through. But hey, it’s the “me, me, me” generation, so why would anyone expect less.

One reason why it takes long for small features is that each update/fix has to go through verification via whatever they are uploading it to before they can add it into their game, I know all consoles do this but I’m not sure as to PC. Along with the reason why you see games that are in early acces/pre release official version like a beta are updated so fast in some cases is that they don’t have to go through the verification process, therefore can send in as many updates and fixes as they want, whenever they want. It would make sense not to keep sending out small updates fixing 2 or 3 things rather than sending everything through with one big patch, now as for why small things that are known for months and have a simple fix like the set or mitra weapons, idk maybe they are intended by the devs but in practice just not a good idea to keep in.

I’m sorry. I understand that some code fixes involve alot of code, complicated code and code that may overlap with other code. BUT some things should be a simple fix of your programmers are at all familiar with the game.

As this is true, why should it delay the fix itself? Just the deployment on consoles would be later… Not the fix itself.

Seeing that fix was only made in latest patch, it had absolutely nothing todo with certification processes.

In case @Narelle’s post went unheard. Also, wellp, that’s another two Legendaries to the dismantling bench.