Why does it take you guys such a long time to patch such little things?

We have received an update, they still remove buffs but you should be able to re-apply them which confirms my earlier post:


Hey there,

Just sweeping in quickly to clarify that what we’ve fixed is the issue where those debuffs would apply continuously until relogging.


So you think someone being able to jump from 1000 blocks in the air and survive with more than 50% of their HP isnt game breaking?

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@Wak4863 To drag you here. Why out of balance? You can create a build that doesn’t solely rely on buffs, you can also carry around some fish to rebuff. In addition, it is not like these weapons are hard to farm, pretty much everyone can debuff the other one which will even the playing field and/or make people farm consumables? Why is a new meta bad for the pvp scene? I am simply trying to understand your point.

Thanks for dragging me along. :wink: Always happy to have a mention from you @Narelle Happy Forum Birthday / Anniversary!

If you look at everything in the game Bleed, Corruption, Sunder, Cripple, Poison, all standard effects you expect to see when being attacked. All these things have a counter to balance or stop. It’s then your choice to wear the armor that stops these types of effects or carry the potion or bandages for that matter.

Funcom has always worked on things from a stand point of balance something that harms your character also has a cure or multiple cures. Multiple cures to suit differing play styles.

I personally don’t have an opinion on whether they should or shouldn’t remove the buffs from another character. I do feel that we are only seeing part of the picture with these weapons. If Funcom is to continue the way they have in the past there will be something that balances the strike that in my opinion does more damage to a character in a single hit then any other weapon in the game.

Sure you can argue all you want about the fish being easy to get and apply the buffs, But that’s not the point I am making. Nothing in the game to this point does anything like this, removing all buffs at in one shot. There are 7 Attributes each can be buffed with +3 a single hit essentially remove 21 possible points from your character and there is no way to stop it from happening. And remember it’s 1 hit, It’s not like you lose one per revolution of hits. It would be like getting the bleed stacked to 20 with one hit, or just falling over dead because of poison. It’s way fast.

I have to be honest that I thought it was a mistake because it’s not the first time these 2 weapons have had powers that were not intended. on November 4th I posted a video about these 2 weapons causing Drunkeness. It was patched shortly after that.

So my personal feeling is that the weapons do too much and have a history of mistaken abilities, that coupled with the fact that I currently don’t know of any balancing armor or item, leads me to believe that they are not coded the way they were intended.

Hope my rambling make sense.


@WhatMightHaveBeen let me drag one more with an opinion on the matter here so that we can keep the discussion in one place.

@Wak4863 I could agree that a single hit might be a bit too much but instead of calling it a bug, maybe we should consider how to balance these weapons without removing their usefulness. You are concerned that 21 points removed in one hit is just too much but maybe the developers are trying to introduce more diverse builds instead of the standard ones with cetain stats maxed out.

I agree that a way to balance them could be to add their effect on 4th hit for example as WMHB suggested but plain removal of their only useful functionality feels the wrong way to balance them in my opinion. The developers clearly had a vision when introducing these weapons, we could help them develop it.

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Nah, its fun. If the game crashed when you hit the ground it would be “game-breaking”.

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54 seconds in the video.

On the other hand I would find it fun if I could break buildings on PvE servers with bombs :wink: (There once was a glitch that made that possible)

You know, this brings an idea for PVE and building destruction. Maybe for PVE, if a building has hit decay time, during the 24 hours before deletion ,it can raided like a PVP base. This would give PVE some fun with bombs. Possibly allowing players to purposely build raid bases for others, stash some loot in them, and then let it decay so they can be raided by the other players on the server. Allow looting of those items obtained during the "decay " window.

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You can dismantle it anyway since some patches ago (if its in decay state)

And yes, EVEN on PvE ONLY. I always grab the loot of compeletely decayed bases (to this day, it was always only gargabe anyway)… I dont dismantle them tough…

I thought on PVE one couldn’t decay a base and get the loot? OR did they change that. But i was just offering a fun way to do it. After the 24 hours, it would be as it is now.

Yeah, some patches ago… Was again a “silent change”, because Changelogs are so 1980…

Yeah, it can be fun to blow stuff up. :smiley: Should give it a try if it would work…


Ah but it’s not their only useful ability. “Cleansing” was once just the removal of negative status effects on your character, Now that I have taken the time to look at the dev kit and do a little in game testing they now not only remove negative status effects from your character but positive effects are removed from the your enemy. This is another example of something new to the world of Conan Exiles. There is no other piece of equipment in my memory that serves such a dual purpose.

At the end of the day, I don’t care how it is, whether this is the intended function and it remains or if it is changed, makes zero difference to me. My focus is purely on the anomaly of these weapons when measured against everything else currently in the game.

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I think we need more variety like this. the damage and AP are low, and i would be okay if the durability went down a bit, and could not be repaired. Make these truly special items. Maybe that is the solution instead of nerfing or trying to balance dmg/AP%/drop rates of weapons. Make the OP ones non-repairable, and reduce durability to make them very unique, and only used when you really need/want. Right now, there is no punishment or negatives when you get a meta OP weapon. Legendary repair kits drop enough now to constantly repair. And the durability is high enough to minimize the times you have to repair it. This would drive conflict and PVP servers, if you know thy enemy has that special weapon. Give me real loot that is hard for me to get otherwise.


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