Your patch or fix priorities!

In the Devstream you say you have priorities when you fix bugs and exploits.
From critical to not so critical what is ok for me but what i see in the patchnotes is …

The Clan Menu has been redesigned. (who cares)
Glowing sticks no longer have fire sounds. (who cares)
Toned down the amount wolves howled at night. (who cares)
A tree was clipping into a rock near the Descend of Dragon area.( aha )
Religion Tools had inconsistent labels. For example, the Yog Cleaver is labelled ‘Tool’, however Blessed Yog Cleaver is labelled ‘Weapon’. ( they work so i think its ok… not critical )
Much facederp removed (Unique NPC’s should no longer look as if their mother and father were brother and sister). ( who the f… cares )
Fixed audio on young animals since they were silent when players hit them. You monster. ( guys…)
Dancers in Conan’s Tavern no longer drop loot. ( why? )

Enemies no longer lose aggro when the user sits on a chair with armrests
You can no longer sit in a chair that someone else is already sitting in. Get a room, you two!
(there is another problem with the chairs guys is this fixed?)
you know what im talking about, we take down a complete base yesterday on our server that was build with this glitch, and they want to use this base with it.

Im not in the mood to install the testlive patch but did you fix the god shield? can i place thralls now? this should be on top of your list and not the things i write before! this bug is in the game since the shields are there. or give us a button at the altar to turn it off to place some thralls because the timer is also bugged they stay forever atm.

so plz change your priorities!


Agreed, a lot of the fixes listed aren’t game breaking, just quality of life. Most would think that a lot of actual game play bugs would be fixed before redesigning menus.

I’m amazed that Crimson Lotus is still broken, place it in a grinder and you get nothing. Many recipes have been blocked for months because of it.

One of the more recent patches messed up quick looting- pressing F to loot all doesn’t work, unless it’s an open chest or a bag of loot. Very annoying to have to open the inventory of what you’re trying to loot and press space, then esc- half of the time I end up dropping something from my inventory instead of picking up the loot.

To prevent ppl from farm the dancers in Sepemeru’s tavern, they should make Conan act like Gamon in wow, the moment someone start a fight there, Conan would one shot them with a very high velocity strike.

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What i want to say with this post is that they fix some really unimportant things before they fix the chair exploit as example or that we still cant place thralls inside the godshield. this bugs/exploits exist for a long time now.

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Simple way to get them to re-prioritize. Refuse (everyone) to buy DLC until they start patching in a way that makes sense to the players, instead of the suits.

Fix gameplay breakers
Patch on Mondays instead of Fridays (You know, so staff are on hand to fix issues rather than home for the weekend)
Release updated devkit at least 24hrs before patch is released to live servers (allows modders, supposedly supported, to update mods BEFORE patch)

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  • building structure from hotbar NOT getting exp -> this is making people not getting reward which is exp, it should be made priority, its been like this since 9 months ago imagine how many exp wasted for ppl that dont know.

  • server restart causes some structures (fishtrap,statue of refreshment,now wells too) stop functioning -> this is a very annoying bug, it should also be made priority

  • Death icon sometimes not shown properly -> this is infuriating, it has to be fixed asap. Imagine after your exile dies then cannot find the body to retrieve gears and all items, that sucks.

  • Large Chest flickering when clipped by the camera view, it’s very distracting -> how come this kind of bug isn’t fixed. it’s been there since EA.

I cared about the npc eyes :\

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Here you go.

“RowName”: “100001”,
“RecipeName”: “NSLOCTEXT(”", “RecipesTable_100001_RecipeName”, “Crimson Lotus Powder”)",
“ShortDesc”: “NSLOCTEXT(”", “RecipesTable_100001_ShortDesc”, “A small bag of crimson lotus powder”)",
“RecipeType”: “Material”,
“TimeToCraft”: 5,
“Tier”: 3,
“CraftXP”: 0,
“CraftingStations”: 18510,
“RequiredFuel”: 0,
“Icon”: “/Game/UI/Textures/Icons/icon_crimson_lotus_powder.icon_crimson_lotus_powder”,
“BuildingModule”: “None”,
“DestroyStationOnComplete”: false,
“RecipeItemFlags”: 0,
“Ingredient1ID”: 11124,
“Ingredient1Quantity”: 1,
“Ingredient2ID”: 0,
“Ingredient2Quantity”: 0,
“Ingredient3ID”: 0,
“Ingredient3Quantity”: 0,
“Ingredient4ID”: 0,
“Ingredient4Quantity”: 0,
“Result1ID”: 11125,
“Result1Quantity”: 1,
“Result2ID”: 0,
“Result2Quantity”: 0,
“ThrallRecipeFeatRequirement”: 0,
“IsThrallMachineRecipe”: false,
“IsRecipeEnabled”: true,
“MapMarkerIcon”: “None”,
“ExilesJourneyTrigger”: “None”,
“DLCPackage”: “None”

It’s not localised (translated) and I dunno if the recipe index needs to be in sequence (it can’t be without resequencing a lot of items), but it worked when I tested it.

Yes, I just copied an existing powder, changed a few details and pasted in the new row. Rocket science!


It’s for this reason that I’m not buying the DLC until core gameplay is fixed. Sadly, vast numbers of people will smash the DLC button in steam regardless so it’s pointless and shovelling out DLC before a game even works properly will always be a viable way to maximise profits.

So crimson lotus works with that? ^^

It did when I tested it, yes. That’s just the raw text from the table. I made a new mod and added that to the recipe table.

It doesn’t help anyone playing on official servers…


So you fixed what they didnt fix for almost 2 months… nice!

This should be a hotfix after a few days.

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Well, maybe. Most of the items are numbered sequentially, leaving no room to insert new items. If this is an issue then it’s a stupid design, if it’s not an issue then there’s no reason for it not being fixed. It’s not localised though. (I expect the DLC is however… yus).

But yeah, potentially, I fixed in 5 minutes what they didn’t fix for months. Which is why I’m fairly well pissed off at the moment.

The idea that Funcom staff don’t know how to fix this is nonsense. The only reason is wasn’t fixed is because no one looked at it. Since even one dev could sit down and churn through all the sloppy errors in the tables in no time at all, it STRONGLY suggests that the conan exiles team is now very very very small. And this inspite of the relative success of the game and the introduction of DLC (with another DLC on the horizon).

It starts to feel like someone in management is extracting the urine, y’know?


I think when you can do it in 5 minutes someone from them can do it in a minute…

Yeah, well, obviously not…

Yeah, but devs have their priorities and long todo lists. If no one looks at it, it doesn’t matter how easy it is to fix.

I’m annoyed with management, not devs. Devs do what they are told to do or don’t get paid.

Conan exiles sold well. It’s a done deal in many respects. The longer the official servers remain open, the more it eats into their profits (such as they are, we don’t know, they are unlikely to tell us).

The equation is simple: Do we make money by fixing these bugs? No. Do we lose money by not fixing these bugs? Not much. Do we therefore spend finite profits prioritising bug fixing? No.

Market forces barely apply because people just buy, play and get DLC for buggy games. It’s not unique to Funcom.

Nor do I expect pristine bug free software. But core gameplay? C’mon. I’ve played 500 hours or more and never once been purged. I have chests full of useless legendary weapons. No black or white dyes. Lost a bunch of thralls when I created a clan. Floating orphaned thralls everywhere, building stability is inconsistent. Logging out every half hour to fix invisible stuff, broken journey steps that are only fixed if you buy the DLC. (light armor).


Btw, the official server I play on was down for 9 hours after I posted this. Probably a coincidence.


Just because some bugs are not gamebreaking it doesnt mean they shouldnt get fixed too!

I bet if it was the other way around, lots of minor bugs being ignored you would still complain: “Why not fix this tiny little bug?! OMG its annoying and I bet it would only take 2 minutes to fix it!”

I feel with you, I literally experienced every issue you list including loosing my thralls when I made a clan. That especially frustrates me, since I realize it will never make it to priority list so they are gone for good.

I agree with the OP as well, it was disappointing to read trough patch notes expecting fixed armorers and purges and get nothing. Instead they give us some cobblestones in volcano and fixed bush somewhere

I assume Irniz of the Furnace fix to be as difficult as your Crimson losus solution… yet nothing…

I have no idea how they prioritize really

Good Evening developing team and conan friends. I hope everyone is having a wonderful June 23, of 2018,

I realize many of us have some frustrations on things in this game, as we all ofc love the game, I personally love the game. I been playing for quite a while, I also played for a time when it was in its baby stages of life… ((those that don’t want to read all I have wrote, my list is at the bottom)).

With that being said, with my own personal experiance in graphic design, gaming art, and programing… (programing part on a baby level, haha), I just wanted to extend my great appreciation to Funcom and the developoing team of Conan Exiles, and of course, the gaming artist team, and and many others.

It is without a doubt taking on this beast, and the fixes you have to do, and the backlash and opinions of how and when, where and how to complete can be so horrible… you deserve recognition for what you do… I have recently checked the new DLC great content there, with the new structures, and artistic flavor to the game, thank you for the content as it was delievered nicely, and also next to nothing when it comes to price of… $10.

In my own opinion, the fixes delievered are great. I would like to capitalize on some of the things I’d like to see fixed, or are being worked on and fixed now (thank you).

  • Thrall aethetics are being worked on currently, I hear especially with named Thralls (I feel this is important as it adds to the overall visual pleasure to the game. Thank you for working on this.)

  • Game balancing and the crashes being worked on are appreciated as well. ( I do feel our weapon system should be worked, but I have heard this is also being worked on. I am personally excited for the dual weilding, but we should make sure are weapons remained balanced to the over all power of our enemies, as we get higher in level, especially in single player, we should be able to handle and take on stronger animals and or enemies. but I do understand the need to continue to keep it balanced to group players… again I am a single player guy, though i love destroying people in pvp sometimes to prove (long range, spear then melee = true emotional frustration for people especially when you do it all at once then skip away unharmed, sometimes :slight_smile:). game balance is a important mechanic and as you add things remember to balance, beauty and blend all of it into your game.

  • Some people are running these on older rigs, and don’t realize some of the crashes are caused by lack of memory, or hardware capablities, they don’t take advantage of the graphical setting menu " "… However, insure if you could please, that the virtual paging memory and the overall stability of the game remains sufficant… and do this on a unmodded game, as people sometimes don’t realize mods, sometimes break there own games, but if modders have a solid platform to already work on, it is then the mod authors fault and not yours.

  • Though people don’t feel it sometimes thralls in the game should be worked on… We get bags that show up for unarmed left_XX partly because the code is searching for a useable left handed item and it will spawn these infinitly creating some that are undroppable i see this when equiping a single handed weapon… this is a glitch i run into quite a bit… also take note that none of the thralls pull the shield or use or pull the a left handed item. (I hope this is getting worked on). and if we can get a better thrall system going this will appeal even more to people that love a single player game, and also a multiplayer game… as running into NPCs, is a conerstone in this game, it is a thing to do in Conan Exiles. quite vaguely put… if you bring the thralls to life. you will make this game very real. and very hard to for other games of its genre to compete against… how you go about doing that devs is a whole other thing your team will need to hypothesize when the time comes.

*keep cracking down on exploits or holes in programing code (ofc that can be exploited I have not found personally as to note. but I will make sure that if I do your notified. But again as I have played in single player this is more noted in multiplayer servers, as of course… it is found more on a multi user level.

*if you could please continue to balance, and if you could capitalize and focus on the building system, another cornerstone in this game. building in this game is addicting and fun for those that are imaginative and creative, almost as satifying as capturing your own wife ha. ahem. anyway fixing placing issues, and really stabilizing all of the building mechanics, and keeping the physics correct, and maybe letting things not always be possible possible, will make this game fun… especially in a single player world and a multiplayer world this goes hand in hand with thralls also. these 2 things should be your conerstones when it comes to the end game of the game, and the overall and everything, I feel they are going to be what you will achieve in the long haul.

so to shorten the list. and with my own personal priorities. I would say in simple form.

  1. glitches, game crashes, and stabilitly issues. (the game must be playable otherwise you will not have a fan base or supporters… )

  2. exploits in code in everything (we all hate cheaters, even you do, epecially in multiplayer servers and pvp, the orbs, thank you. even though it hurt to lose my stuff. Thank Crom thats over.)

  3. quality of life (RP elements things that are pleaseing to the eye graphical changes “” making all the named thralls beautiful"" making the game beautiful the monsters the enviorment")

  4. balance as you add items and create new features and fix things(if the game goes out of balance the beauty of it disappears)

  5. Finally, after all is in place. Begin to truly focus on those cornerstones, Thrall mechanics, content release, broader DLCs, maps and dungeous, and combat mechanics… making are building system a powerhouse!!! and are Thralls nameable, real companions and a companionship system!!! and Thrall Combat System… That way when you get the core of the game fixed, if any other things arise you will be the fix them easier, and produce better content, more solid code, and you will be able to deciphier errors better with a clean solid game. The small DLCs from time to time is fine to keep us on our toes and it is wonderful, but be careful not to release something your game is not capable of handling, or is not ready for.

Balance, Beauty, Blend. (and that whiteboard you so hate and love at the same time).

thanks again funcom team and devs. wishing you all the best and whoever that read my book :smile: see ya on the field of battle. (all i need is my sword, wine and food, and a woman.)

also to our players, the company still needs to make money… if it makes money… it will be able to do all the things you guys want to the game, so spitfully not supporting the people that make this game for you, and make this game fun for you… and entertain you… you should put forth something that will help them ensure, that all your demands are met… they created it… we are only using and living what they created. Be nice. dont be rude… I am purchasing that DLC soon that my small 10 dollors will help them pay there employees and motivate them to say man this game is hot, (((plus in return they give me a cool sword and new stuff the build so im getting alot for my enjoyment and dollor in this small content DLC…))). we need to work on this and make this game amazing for our fans… they can only do as much as we want them too. sometimes a tough pill to swallow (oh no i have to spend some money), but my words are true. if you love something support it! ($$). Endorse it (thumbs up). and talk about it (hey have you played this?). have a great evening everyone.

Wow a long one^^ I think yor talking also about the dlc discussion from the discord yesterday^^ because you throw the money thing in again and just joined a few hours ago, this here is not about the dlc. ( the dlc is another story, 70k doors and things… )
i talk about old bugs like the bug with the god shield. we cant place thralls in it. when they are unable to fix it they should just say it or maybe give us a simple solution to turn it off with a button because the bubble dont go out at the moment or just sometimes. the most time its infinitely. BUT it happens nothing they dont talk about it they dont give us any solution or information like the bug dont exist, i asked them in a lot of threads and never get a answer about it so yes, i play this game for a long time i like it and i will continue to play it but what i want to say… they have the wrong priorities when programmers fix the things i have written before and the guy science can fix the crimson lotus in 5 minutes when you read the posts before. something is wrong or?