To the Team/Management

As somebody who is dumped thousands of hours into Conan Exiles, and seeing the direction of the development path and the general lack of content, the continuation of fixing inherent problems with game mechanics and the lack of foresight you have allowed the player base to drop down to 5000 players on Steam. Whether team realize it or not that is the most accurate measurement of overall success. And its Bad, a lot of it is directly due to community involvement. Poor use of social media Outlets like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Not being consistent with your live streams. Pulling your talent in the other projects that have no guaranteed success,

Please hire some quality people give them the freedom to have some direction. and who have foresight general passion for the project. Please listen to the community and make the changes that need to be made. There are plenty of YouTube inform threads that are extremely critical of the content and talk about core issues that never been resolved

I myself have stop playing. And have paid for every DLC, and if bought multiple copies for friends trying to promote the game. Have come to realize that is just being poorly managed and ultimately it’s a dead horse.

And it proves my point even more when I see what they talked about in the last livestream. The stuff that they’re coming out with is just pure garbage like the best they can come up with after 90 days is oil for your weapons. So disappointed

This is the last message I’ve ever going to write on the forums. I fully expect it’s going to be blocked and locked. Instead of addressing and having a meeting and resolve issues, someone in the organization needs to take ownership. Come up with a clear path ahead. Publicly announced the direction of development with a flow chart. Talk about the issues publicly, and open it up to the community there is somebody out there that can help you with critical issues like artificial intelligence, passing, mesh issues, Network and server issues. And I’m sure most people would gladly do it for free or would little compensation just as a passion project.

Your only other alternative is the Wither away and die. And it’s already started to happen.
always an Exiles ~BrokenFang


Yeah, no amount of new content will bring back the people who left because of bugs


I’m conflicted by this thread. Is it a “goodbye, I quit” post, or is it an attempt to give constructive feedback? Considering the OP’s promise to never post on these forums again, I’m inclined towards the former option, which makes any attempt to reply fruitless.

I respect BrokenFang for the sheer amout of constructive, detailed feedback he’s given in the past. Their passion for the game is undeniable. But I’m still not convinced that BrokenFang has sufficient inside information on Funcom’s business model and strategy to tell them how to run their company.

Funcom isn’t perfect. Their games are far from perfect. But considering how they’re expanding pretty boldly with several famous IP’s, they’re clearly doing something right, rather than going down in flames.


Conan Exiles saved them from bankruptcy. They almost went „down into flames“. And it has a reason.

Personally, I think they need a larger team to get more stuff done. Especially on QA side. This is where they lack resources most. But they treat Conan Exiles as „done, we are finished“ and only provide low resources for this project. I think there are 2-3 devs max working on Conan right now. The others are already put into different projects (probably where Joel Bylos is right now).

But I can also be wrong.


I agree with most of what you mention but I have my doubts about them considering conan exiles finished.

Yes some of the team moved to different projects but I also think this is a game that bailed them out of a hard place. They got a lot of momentum from Conan Exiles and I feel like their using that to expand at an opportune time and they needed to reallocate resources for the time being.

I don’t think we’ll get mounts, sorcery or a new exiled land map though.

I do believe we’ll get content updates and a few more dungeons, ect. Possibly even some more revamps and definitely 1-2 years of more DLC content.

Personally, I’m excited to see what else they have in the pipeline after conan exiles but by no means am I done playing this game.

They also might surprise us with something in conan exiles in the future, only funcrom knows.


Fang -

Imagine a father scolding his boy’s life direction with a letter that begins “Dear Son, if you choose to remain in the military this will be the last letter you receive from me…” Can you predict what the son’s reaction was, or should have been?

I will miss your precision and commitment to the game. Be well.



Incisive, as always. It would be a treat to see an interview with the actual team on the job. As I’m sure you know, now that Alex is Lead, Oscar is no longer Lead. This has not been addressed or covered, and I think a good journalistic approach might help people understand the transition. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Oscar, AND I think Alex is going in the right direction with his “fix, de-glitch and intensify what works” approach. It’s no-nonsense and it often goes unnoticed or unheralded.


i share the same point than you candle & kapoteeni.

I play conan exiles since early access. and the game did a huge progress since this time. yesterday i opened a savegame of a private server i was playing 16 months ago (admin give it to me when he stopped his server);

in doing so i realized the huge progress done and contents that have been added to this game just in checking what i had in my chests.
So yes they are taking care of conan; their game, and more than 95% of all others game company.

Now where I agree, is that clearly they lack of q&a. may be this is the result of outsourcing this department work (don’t know if they are still doing; but they did it in the past) who is crucial to obtain quality; i do not know; but result of the game this last 2 years show not enough q&a; even if i know they have q&a.

also the last months funcom really proved they take care of CE, they are very active and fast to taking measure about people using exploits. it was not the same 16 months ago.

so yes broken fang, i know you are passionate; i know you had to deal with lot of bad stuffs happening on offi; but game is doing progress and funcom try to improve it and fix stuffs. but yes they probably lack ressources to do that. and yes conan is a Jewell with still a huge potential if you continue to really develop it, and there this is a management decision about that.

but i Simply want to say thanks to funcom and their developers; and big thumb up to their modeler & animators & texture artists.

Despite all the hard time on offi server i had, all the bad things i saw happened, they did for me what is Simply the best game i ever played. and i will reach now 6000 hours on CE. so thanks for that.


I’ve been harping about the game’s performance on these forums since day one of the official release…and here we are a year and three months later. More DLC and not enough game fixes.
This post doesn’t surprise me and Funcom needs to take it to heart instead of getting upset and removing or locking the post. Everyone I played with on a server I once rented have long since left the game due to performance issues.
Imagine how many people would return to this diamond in the rough if it were squared away. But I’m forced to agree with the OP…I don’t see that happening.


No offence but that is a bizarre OP - not only is it most of it blatantly untrue, it doesn’t actually list any specific issues. I’m not saying there aren’t issues, there are - but they’ve also been working on them. Every patch - you know, the multiple large content patches that have been released this year which you forgot to mention, have included content, fixes and balances. When there’s large scale issues like the duping of late, they’ve made efforts to curb the damage by disabling gods temporarily. They’ve been active on social media, responsive when contacted and from a community interaction perspective have been fantastic - or did you also not see them multiple competitions with DLC rewards and similar, specifically designed for community engagement.

You say that all they’ve achieved in 90 days are weapon oils? It seems you’re selectively choosing information to cling to and on the other side ignore. You forgot to mention the two new weapons - quite notable pieces of content given new weapons with new animation sets aren’t that common. Nor the re-balancing of existing weapons, or the gear enhancement kits, or the battle standards which I am sure are welcome to the PVE players - or even the new DLC with a superb looking building set.

The game has issues and the player numbers could be much better, but you cant say they’ve been neglecting the game, the opposite is true, particularly in such a way that’s selectively ignorant of facts.


Although the new building pieces are nice. And new weapon Graphics re skins, but it completely misses the mark on why the community has dwindled down to around 5,000 people. This game should have a population sitting up around 15 to 25 thousand, and they’re completely overlooking or completely beyond the scope of their understanding as a development management team. You have to play on PVP servers and understand at its core the building system is flawed. And this is the major flaw the raid time recovery time threshold this is completely out of balance. Also there aren’t enough building structures the counter an individual raiding on your structure for 6 hours. Their loss on raiding you for 6 hours is literally nothing they can just put a chest outside of your base an offline raid you for the entirety of the time. Kill all your thralls, and completely level your buildings. With no systems in place to defend them. I have hundreds of videos of being rated, and having Mega bases cleared and nothing i could do.

They’re badly needs to be Iron and Steel Palisade foundations. They need to have more building Foundation traps, drop ceilings that drop rocks. they need to rework the entire vaults and storage system. they need to add improve fencing. Type of material where it is a similar to a gate model. A much larger wall, has hit points to reflect

What’s a super frustrating at this point just to see them come out with all of these new building materials that don’t match their graphical representation. Like desert Sandstone walls better for the cold, it breaks the immersion and it’s so out of place it really need to go through and we re work all that stuff.

Enclosing they’re not listening to the community and I know you chimed in on the developer kit. But I completely disagree with your statement

But having said all that I do enjoy your content and keep up the good work

here is the proof and this stuff has been out there for years! and not been Fixed

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Actually the new weapons are new weapons - including models, animations and movesets. Battleaxe & Shortsword, with adjustments to a variety of other weapons including badly needed changing to the Greatsword.

Re your other comments - so effectively your issues are raid balancing issues.

I don’t disagree that raiding needs re-balancing, particularly more by way of static defences to protect against offline hits. Vaults badly need to be rebalanced, and field chests need to have a super quick decay timer to stop their abuse also.

But i disagree that these specific issues is what’s keeping ‘the masses’ away. It’s not that simple. There’s any number of reasons why this game doesnt sustain a huge population and while the raiding element would play a part, it’s not by a long shot the main reason. To me it’s the lack of things to do once you’ve got a large base, once you’ve got coffers full of loot and so on. The content they’ve been adding has been very good for the overall game world, but they still havent found a means of introducing long term replayability beyond raiding. This is what they need to turn their attention to. Introducing dungeons and bosses and collectibles is good and the game is better with them, but there’s core gameplay mechanics missing to keep players playing.

Though in saying that, i think i’m at 1200 hours in the game myself now, 100% of those hours on pvp servers. But that’s not 1200 back to back - there’s been periods where i’ve become sick of the game and stopped playing, then returned with renewed interest only to repeat the lack of interest and disappear again. But to be fair here - there’s no games out there which have kept my interest for so long. To get 1200+ hours from a game that cost me $40 originally or whatever it was is pretty bloody good value in anyones book.

*edit - Look i’m just going to say - having watched some of your vids, I see where you’re coming from - but if we want the game to improve from a raiding perspective, it’s better to bundle up all these issues into solid feedback rather than a throwing in the towel post because i can guarantee, the last thing Funcom wants is people like you, or people like me, or people reading this forum to be feeling the need to make posts like this - posts made in utter frustration.

Raiding is a particularly tricky thing to balance. On one hand you’ve got bases which are too easy to break into unless they’re on some pillar somewhere and protected by a god bubble. On the other you’ve got bases which if they become too inpenetrable, are not raidable by anyone other than larger clans. What’s the middle ground?

If you ask me, the first thing that needs to occur is a complete overhaul of defensive thrall capability & ai. Plus -i’ve posted about this before and people have disagreed, but combat thralls are way way way too powerful in this game - they’re doing the work of 10 players without breaking a sweat. We’ve all had our combat logs filled with enemy thralls making mincemeat of our defensive setups.


About your time played to what you spent. Your $40 I talked about this they need to update their monetization model extensively in videos in the past. Games like rust have a player base of 85000 players.

And ultimately the player population is the only metric that really matters because it’s a direct impact on Revenue, and how their game is valued. If they’re losing the playerbase then they’re obviously doing something wrong and regurgitating the same DLCs over and over and over is not going to help the player base

Once I had heard the new DLC desert inspired themed was designed for cold I immediately regretted purchasing the year 2 season pass. And thought to myself why do I spend time on this stupid game. When the developers obviously have no clue. I really get the vibe that they just don’t play the game they’re not actually involved in playing

[quote=“BrokenFang, post:15, topic:85439”]
About your time played to what you spent. Your $40 I talked about this they need to update their monetization model extensively in videos in the past. Games like rust have a player base of 85000 players.[/quote]

Going by their financial reports which they release periodically, i believe revenue wise the game has been very healthy despite the steamcharts. Their launch to PS4 was by all counts very successful and i suspect the revenue they’ve made from their DLC packs (season pass included) are likewise strong.

I too play Rust and have spent time thinking about the difference in numbers. Despite both being survival PVP games, we’re talking two quite widly different experiences. There are aspects of Rust which i think could work really well in Conan, but it would require some serious changing of the entire game as we know it in order to make that kind of experience. Rust is closer to what i consider a first person shooter type experience than Conan’s much slower, longer-term gameplay. We’d never see a Rust style Conan, but i do often think about just what it is about Rust that reallyd raws the serious numbers.

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I agree what’s most of what you’re saying. And these same logical thought processes I have also pondered many of hours periods but if it comes down to a couple of things.

Most of the survival games are built in the unreal 4 engine. So when you see one game exhibit a set of features. Like rust I think their door-knock is hilarious. I think I have a video of that up. Also The Voice in Gameworks amazing people can just talk to each other, and some of the discussions that go down are also quite comical. But I agree it is a much more faster-paced game but that is not the point of me bringing it up. I’m just speaking to systems and how Russ is an able to incorporate systems that are more reliable, and actually implemented better. Like how come we don’t have crossbows. Horses. In-game voice that actually works, in a plethora of other features that exist with in Rust like the simple door knock. It really comes down to the development team are the ability to Outsource those critical development tools.

Would have come to realize though is in some aspects Conan is diminishing returns because once you’re on the backside of the raid, you spend all your time trying to gather up resources the plug in walls. And then as soon as you get the walls back up you get hit the next day, and then rinse and repeat.

And the thralls are by far one of the best aspects of the game. But the AI is so broken I have one video where one thrall kills off 38 of my thralls. And it’s because the four archers that were doing damage and had a grow, did not have full line of sight plus they don’t do enough damage to a thrall in full armor. So the rest of the melee thralls just stood there and basically died. Very poor implementation of AI.

If I were to set up a list of priorities to fix the game. And bring back the population as my number one priority which wouldn’t return would generated significantly increased amount of Revenue.

A. change the monetization model.

B. Animals are a complete disaster. They’re all literally clones of each other. And there is no point and actually going through the process of farming them. Somebody could just come along and gas out a hundred of your animals. The animals need unique characteristics Like a Rock nose should be immune to bleed and gas. A scorpion should be immune to poison, and the damage multiplier needs to sack higher damage poison. Also if an animal has scales R6 hide it needs a higher armor values something around 500. Adjust to have every single Monster in the game have 84 armor is a joke. It is so pathetic and the lack of development and insight. It is a literally lazy cut and paste.

C. Hire somebody or a developer to fix the AI. It needs a vas rework. And it’s one of the biggest game-breaking aspects. Players can cheese the defenses and no amount of thralls can defend your base. Plus it creates a tremendous amount of server lag with good AI players could have fewer thralls, and still be effective in base defense

D. Implement structures that ar Siege defense in nature. Like complete the walls that’s it the gates oh, there are all these weird building Meadows were people just build with Gates now. I have a bunch of video showing how crazy things are was build meta actually work to clean some of that up. There’s a reason why people build houses out of gates

E. Do away with the hole building sets that are just cold weather and hot weather. Have it to where it’s resource-dependent if they used insulated wood the building has a cold weather resistant if they use shave wood its design for hot weather. Make it strictly to where it is recipe based, and people could use whatever they want based off of what Wood pipe they use. I think they’ve gotten away from the survival crafting aspect because of these stupid DLCs

F. Finish the development of a combat system, it’s crazy two years later they’re still trying to figure out how to work out the combat system because it never has been implemented correctly. I think they’re going in the right direction but it’s obvious like for example a spear shouldn’t have the speed that it has in its attack rotation. I should have a much higher stamina drain in a much slower Attack Just based off at Shear weight. But I know this is a complicated matter it’s probably too complicated for one person to fix it needs to be put up on test live with different versions. It might even need a team of developers to work it out.

G. Flush out the shrines in the stuff that you get from your deities. All of that stuff is so weak the weapons that you get should have special properties, with particular effects. There have been mods that give this example and it’s almost been completely forgotten about.

I have talked about this stuff extensively on the forms over the last two years. And I made hundreds of videos, asking in articulating how these items our systems would improve the game significantly. And they are completely void of any response and the stuff they want to post on their fun cam community YouTube page it’s finger painting stuff.

Search my name’s in the forms and look at the post that I have posted over the last year. It is mind-blowing the amount of critique and participation that I have committed into these forms.


I don’t play nearly as often as I used to, but I still like to hop on every time I feel the itch to build. It truly is the best building game I’ve ever played, and even newer ones don’t hold a candle to it imo. Now, there are two things they could add that would most definitely make me play for a long time again:

  1. More character customization options.

  2. Sorcery.

One or the other would be nice, both would almost solidify another long-term gaming session from me.

re Rust - well we do essentially have door knocking in Conan - blowing the big warnhorns that can be placed outside the base. It’d be pretty redundant knocking on a door in Conan given the entry door is usually a fair distance from where any players would be inside.

re Animals - i don’t agree that they’re cut and paste of each other - for example using a cat pet is very different to using a wolf, or a crocodile etc. But they have become a serious nuisance in the way they’re easily spammable and there’s bases with literally hundreds of them around them, plus half the pets are absolutely pathetic. Like try going into combat with a rhino or crocodile - they’re utterly useless. My preference are the cats, sabretooths in particular, but their use is random and often unresponsive when you really need them. There might be physical stats/armour that’s similar across the board but given how many varieties of pets there are, i can see why they do this or balancing would become a nightmare.

re thrall ai - this is a biggy. At the very least thralls need to be able to be given an attack this target command, or a stop attacking option. In addition, they need to be able to be set to passive. Even giving the player a handheld warhorn to bellow these commands, ARK style. It’s almost inconcievable to have thralls in the game lacking these basics.

re buildings and temperature - temperature as a whole really bothers me in this game. You are basically punished for wearing epic armour because the extra weather resistance means unless your’e carrying two sets on you at all times, good luck if you cross from the desert to the north biomes. There’s food that helps with it, but seriously, who wants to be gobbling down continual food (let alone preparing it) because of this. I run around in flawless non epic armour because i honestly cbf’d dealing with the temperature system. With buildings - it was a good idea initially having things like black ice protect frm the cold but given people use it wherever, it shouldnt matter. Temperature control in bases should come frm placeable objects like coolers and fires rather than the material itself. Or the game should recognise when you’re indoors and offer automatic protection, similar to the way you’re safe frm sandstorms inside.

re siege/raid balance - well if there’s one huge difference between Rust and Conan it’s the way the bases are in the game, and how raidable they are. You can make a base that’s considerably more raid resistant yet still small in Rust - due to the balance based around the availability of raid materials. In conan, there’s no limitation to raid materials and can farm up ridiculous quantities effectively nullifying anything resembling a secure base. Moreso - the tiny hp of t3 doors means the only way to actually use them is to build a huge number of airlocks which leads to these stupidly designed massive basses or no other reason than to layer doors and walls - all of which are easily trebbed or godded anyway.

If you ask me - things like dragonpowder need to have their resources seperated from steel as a building material. Make dragon powder a LOT harder to obtain material wise, and the key mats taken from a highly contestable area (similar to the shattered basin). Restore door HP to original if not higher and reduce the amount of damage a trebuchet can dish out. Maybe not these exactly changes, but shifting the balance so people arent literally swimming in raid materials but being more precise about how they use them.

One of the things that strikes me about Rust is - when people raid, they’re using their valuable materials very purposely. They’re calculating approximately where the loot is and using it intelligently to get to it. In conan they just mindlessly blow the hell out of a base to get to the locked areas - dragonpowder is so easily obtained in such huge quantities that it’s really spiraled out of control.

At least if someone is trebbing you, you can counter them with a defensive treb or explosive arrows. A treb can do massive damage but only has 5k hp which is very easy to destroy with explosive & gas arrows. This means in order to use one, you really need to think about what seige tower you’re putting it on, element of surprise and defending.

Now planting jars can be tricky on a base that’s hard to get to, but you have so many of them and they do so much damage that it’s just a case of finding a foothold really.

ON THE FLIP SIDE - if base defences are made too strong and raid capability too weak, it’s making raiding impossible for smaller clans and solos. This is the tricky part.

I’ve thought about things like - clans having a single strongbox which can hold a very limited number of very important items and is near on indestructible. So there’s a strategy as to what you keep in it - ie do you store precious building materials for base repair? do you keep your best thralls? Do you keep your best gear and tools so if you’re raided you have access to those things right away?

I dont know what the answer is, but i do agree that raiding needs an overhaul, bigtime. Raiders are smashing bases because they’re bored and those who are losing their bases are leaving the server/game because they’re so frustrated at having to start over. With so many of these raids taking place when clans are offline, it’s not overly surprising either.

Then why are we a year and three months past the official release with so many bugs and performance issues still present? This is the only game I’ve ever owned with so many bugs and performance issues this far in. If that’s not neglect, I don’t know what is.
To myself, the OP, and many other people who are plagued with issues with the game, bugs and otherwise, it’s painfully obvious and to say it’s not neglect is not being honest…unless of course you’re one of the few people who aren’t having any issues at all and are happy with a half finished product. More have left this game than have stayed…that speaks volumes.


watch this

and you will under stand my comment about every single Monster in the game have 84 armor is a joke

Neglect would be the game publisher saying “Yeah, we know this is bugged and you can’t complete the game. Sorry, but we’re not going to fix it because all our developers have moved on to make our next game.”

That’s neglect. And yes, this has happened at least once (not naming the company because I think it’s inappropriate to criticize other game companies on one company’s forums).

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