Funcom's intention behind "Cleansing" or now on testlive "Plundering"

I know the purpose is to remove buffs from enemies.

The application is simple: carry those weapons with you, equip them only to hit the enemy ONCE to remove their buffs, then continue with another weapon.

So my question now: Is Funcom expecting me to carry extra buff sets with me all the time? But as soon as the enemy notices I rebuffed, they simply hit me once again with their cleansing/Plundering weapon and poof, buffs gone. You are better off doing builds without buffs.

The thing is, there is no counterplay except being a dodge god. A possible addition here could be anti debuff buffs, which when used, will give you cleansing/plundering protection for the next 10 hits or so.

Those weapons are btw all banned on most private PvP servers.


There has always been sort of a question around whether or not this was an intentional function of “cleansing” weapons. I think with the name change they are making it obvious that it is/was.

As to why, I have always just assumed it was to bridge the power differential between no buffs and all of the buffs. I have seen the weps some, especially with the rise of poison weapons. All it has meant in my experience is that buffs are not as important to pvp and if you want to guarantee you have buffs bring extra.

You aren’t wrong though in that they are a nerf to buffs. The only downside I GUESS is that you are trading a hit with a better weapon for the ability to strip buffs. That mattered a lot less before healing changes than it does now.

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Yeah, ince they introduced the erasers, buffs turned into yet another PVE centric mechanic. And I am not say pve is bad, but as a pvper, the amount of pvp and even worse, raid mechanics 8n the game makes me think PVE is where the devs hearts are. And if so, then just go all in and give a deeper PVE experience than RNG and Grind.


Which one weapons works as buff cleansing?

Maybe they could make that weapons have very slow animation so it’s possible to use them but it’s harder to hit with em?

Daggers, Mace on EL and I think craftable weapons on Siptah

It seems that like Mefistos I am also in the dark on this one. Heck I did not even know that anything could remove buffs. @SirDaveWolf what in-game items remove buffs!? And any word on whether this is a bug or an intended feature?

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The weapons displayed on the screenshot

I don’t know about the spear and shortword (voidforged sword maybe?) but those are only on Siptah.


Maybe their intention is to provide something to help even the odds for solo/small clan players against big boys? I mean cleansing buffs is solely useful in PvP right? So they must have designed it for that mode, I don’t get the person saying it’s a PvE mechanic.

I love the idea. I freaking hate that to be competitive you have to buff yourself with magic items like it’s some high fantasy, imo there should be far fewer (or zero) buffs in the game. As usual though the implementation doesn’t please anyone :roll_eyes:

If I’m playing PvP solo on an official server and I’m attacked by more than one buffed up high level player, removing their buffs won’t save me. If I’m playing on a private PvP server where everyone is buffed as standard and combat is the point, I imagine it’s just annoying for the person with the buffs, as you said.


They are both delving recipes on Siptah.

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This oh yes this !? And very good idea as well. Small numbers can and should be able to trumph against the odds.

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How does it only benefit PvE players?
Cleansing seems the most useless weapon to use in PvE to my knowledge…

I am thinking he meant the the buff we use on ourselves. Not the plundering weapon.
Back to the thread,
I think of it this way, this will mess the opponent flow of the battle if they are overly reliant on buff.


He means the buffs themselves become a pve mechanic as they can’t be stripped off you in pve.

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The buffs, not the weapon. The weapon is useful for both. PvP for erasing perks, and PVE for collecting and usable because well…pve is super easy so any weapon with decent stats is usable.

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An idea just came to my mind, instead of plundering they should name it suppressing.
As for the idea that pop up, the effect would go like this it rendered the bonus attribute/buff ineffective for a certain amount time(yes it include the weapon and armour bonus stat :smiling_imp: let the chaos begin)

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