Co-op a mission

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Is it possible to co-op a mission? If so, how should I approach that?


You can run most missions with a full group if you want. Target the people you want to invite and hit F, then select invite to group. You can also invite from your friends list or from chat by right clicking on the name.

How well a mission works in a group varies widely.

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Almost all missions can be done in a group. Group up with someone, and make sure everyone stays on the same tier throughout. Some missions complete tiers for everyone in the group, while others want each member to repeat the same steps.

The only missions that can’t be done in a group are ones in solo instances, but there aren’t a lot of those.

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Thanks for the quick replies! Unfortunately I don’t have any friends who play the game as well. Besides, even if I get someone else to play I’d rather not wait until they’ve put 30 hours into the game, haha.

Can I put up an ‘ad’ or something somewhere? I have seen activity boards or something in Agartha. I don’t really know how the in-game currency works, but I wouldn’t mind giving what I have to someone who can help me get through the mission. I have something (shards, was it?) I’ve been spending on the leaps and the stuff you get after dying every so often.

How do those tiers work? I’m at level 30 now.

The social window (shift+C) or Sanctuary chat (/chat join sanctuary) are probably your best chances of getting help with a mission. If it’s not a solo instance.

But: Nearly all missions are designed for solo players (group content like dungeons, raids and lairs excluded, of course), so maybe you’re just in need of advice. Which mission are you having trouble with?

And by tiers, Starsmith meant mission tiers, not character levels.


It’s part of the Dawning of an Endless Night main mission; I have to protect wards in Blue Mountain. I know I should level up more so I can do it alone, but I can’t put myself to it any more. Getting to 30 so I was able to accept the mission was hard enough. The gameplay is just avoiding cliffs, cliffs and more cliffs. And those awful totems you come across when travelling though the forests… You know, the ones who keep slowing you down, making it a real pain to get anywhere. And most of the story and its characters in Blue Mountain aren’t at all interesting so I have no reason to stick around. I mean, no offence, but why should I care about all the Indians or the random dead CDC and Orochi people I find everywhere? I have already forgotten what drives them or what their missions were about and I’ve only done those yesterday! Even the missions at the start, with the asylum and the military weren’t exactly memorable. One of the military ones was really frustrating as well. It was pretty similar to the ward protection mission I’d like to finish now. I had to defend a team against waves of enemies, only those waves keep coming without waiting for the previous ones to be dealt with so you don’t heal, making it impossible to complete it at the recommended level. It was so frustrating. I’ve died a lot there.

I really liked the missions from mrs. Franklin, though. Took me a while to figure out how to complete them as well! But the story was interesting and creatively written. I mean, a time travel mirror and a huge mansion? Super cool! The mansion was pretty weird, though. Can you imagine turnings rooms into bedrooms there? It’s impossible! People wouldd have to go through other people’s bedrooms to get to their room or to the attic. The people in the past obviously had no idea how to use the house as well. But it’s an amazing house, even though it really needs a paint job soon or it won’t survive another decade. Luckily it exists only of 0s and 1s, haha. And mrs. Franklin seemed pretty lonely, despite the cats. She was friendly, though. I got a cat in the end as well! I haven’t bound it to me yet, because I already have a dog. And one of her missions took place in the mine. You had to avoid huge and powerful things and watch where you were going. Having to carry that torch on your head, its light swaying left and right, and with the ghosts and all made it a pretty creepy mission! I liked that one as well. Great vibe!

But the rest of the missions in Blue Mountain? Military, sasquatches (whole lot of interesting dialogue going on there…!), Indians? Perhaps you have to be American to enjoy all of that. Why do Americans always pick on Maine so much, by the way? The vineyards and lighthouses in tv shows always look like a great place to visit. I liked the lighthouse and the missions there from Sam Krieg in Savage Coast as well. Kingsmouth and the Savage Coast were way different than Blue Mountain. Both the style of the missions, the locations and the way of story-telling, I mean. In Kingsmouth I had no idea what was going on at first and I wanted to find out as much as possible as soon as possible! And Savage Coast had great locations, like the school and amusement park. And the characters had so much depth, especially when compared to the ones in Blue Mountain.

Oops, I’m talking way more than I was planning to! I’m sorry! I just meant to say that I don’t enjoy Blue Mountain very much and I just want to get out of there. I’ve already spend more time there to get to level 30 to be able to continue the main story missions than I would like and I really don’t feel like having to travel that awful map more to find new missions.

But I just remembered I forgot a mission in Savage Coast! It had something to do with a demon circle and photographs (Hell and Bach?), but I had to cancel that one to do a different one. I think I have a pretty good idea on how to solve that one (“travel to the location in photograph two” or something, which I now think could be New York) so I’ll do that one first! I liked the beginning of that story and perhaps it’ll get me to level 31 or even 32 so the mission I’m stuck on now gets easier!

Thanks so far and sorry again for rambling on!!

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The wards at the end of Dawning are a rare occasion where others can help with story mission fights. But if you can’t handle those waves, you stand no chance of beating the boss fight that follows. And you’re on your own there.

If you dislike BM so much, I’d suggest you go back to SC to gear up a little more. Most missions are repeatable.

Aeryl , that’s good to know, thanks. I found some nice missions (Tyler Freeborn) I’m going to finish and after that I’ll backtrack through Savage Coast. But tomorrow is reserved for the beach ◠‿◠

I’d still like to do some co-op play, though. I’ll keep my eye on the Sanctuary channel, because I think a social aspect could bring a lot to this game. Even though it’s still really amazing without interaction with other players so far!

Descendent, I think so too. Throughout Kingsmouth and Savage Coast I only used Hurricane (blade), Chain Lightning and Fire Bolt (or Fireball) and never really had a hard time, but after I had arrived in Blue Mountain I found out I could use all kinds of attacks so now I’m still figuring out what combinations are the best. At the moment I can take on those skull monsters without paying too much attention and without losing a lot of health, but as soon as 3 monsters attack me at the same time I bleed out fast. So I’m lacking in the multi-target (AoE) department. I think my gear is really good, though! Of course I may have missed something essential, but I have everything at either level 20 and some chain and my weapons are already blue!

Thank you very much for that link! Looks like you’ve put a lot of time into that. I will definitely read all of it!

I think that’s really low for the end of Solomon Island. You should have better stuff heading into Egypt. Have you been skipping a lot of missions prior to BM? And what’s your Anima Allocation set to? For solo play, 100% dps is usually the best choice.

Remember, at that point you really only have access to 3 Tali slots (Head, Neck and Waist) and have just started glyphing. So no, it doesn’t seem really low to me, but yeah, by doing more of the other missions (not just the main quest) you get more drops to level those pieces up faster. By the end of BM you should probably have a couple of levels into a blue Tali.

Remember that you get more progress leveling things by feeding them matching pieces. Put Head drops into the Head, and Waist drops into the Waist, etc… This levels you up a bit faster, and saves you Shards in the long run.

At level 30 you have access to six of seven talismans. The last one to unlock is the finger slot at 35. And you should have started on blues for most of the other talismans by then.

Ehhh. Are you sure? Blue should be highest before I reach level 50, right? I’ll try to post a picture of my gear tomorrow.

And not that I’m aware of. I do have some bags left so I’m sure I can get one or two items blue tomorrow as well. I haven’t changed anything in the Anima Allocation screen yet as I didn’t really understand it and just left it “balanced”. I’ll have to get back to you on that. I feel so stupid now!

I think I do have 6 out of 7, though! I got a ring from mrs. Franklin and dice from someone in the trailer camp.

Level 25 blue is the cap on non-cache gear that you can wear before level 50, correct.

Have you been working on fusion fodder for your other level 20 greens at all? Bags from KM and SC won’t grant all of the possible talismans even if you’re at the appropriate level, so if you’re avoiding missions in BM, you might be short on items to empower some of your stuff unless you hit the marketplace.

If you haven’t touched Anima Allocation you’re not too far off. It defaults to 90% dps and 10% survivability.

All items are either level 20 or blue now. And for the head I have a level 4, for the thing on the bottom right a level 10 and for the necklace a level 5 to be used as ‘fusion fodder’. I also have a spare level 20 magic weapon and a blue necklace. I thought I could fuse different magic weapons for extra stats, that’s why I have a useless spare level 20, haha. Got plenty of weapons and weapon bags for when I get to level 50 so it doesn’t really matter.

But… I just noticed the bottom right thing I am upgrading for fusing is a three dot item and I’m using a two dot item. I hope I can still fuse them! And is it bad that I’m using items with two dots instead of three? My weapons only have one dot… I hope I haven’t wasted all that time on sub-par items and weapons… ≧o≦

I’m hijacking my own thread for my stupid beginner questions, but I’m kind of worried now… I should’ve paid more attention and done some research instead of just cruising through the story ●︿●

Pips (dots, stars, whatever you want to call them) don’t matter when fusing. Just make sure that the version you want to keep (whether it’s for pips or extraordinary effects) is in the top part of the window when fusing. But you can’t fuse different weapons, glyphs or signets. For talismans, only the slot has to match.

You don’t have to worry about pips or extraordinary effects until you reach much higher gear levels.

Thanks, that’s a huge relief!!
I think I’ll play some more right now. Gotta get myself ready for the last part of the story on Solomon Island :grin::grin:

First mission: getting a respirator of of my face, hahaha.