Cost of Magic quest

Hey everyone! I am new to the forums,this is my first post! And I am also new to the Secret World, which I absolutely love, I am a huge sucker for good plot and such.

I also happen to be the type of person that CANNOT STAND not finishing a quest. The thought that I will be looking at my Besieged Farmlands quest list, and there will be a single quest that will not be done, triggers the heck out of me.

So yeah, to the point…the Cost of Magic,tier 4,the platforming thing. It’s been over 8 years since I have been this angry at a game quest, I just can’t do it, I have over 8 hours, trying to do it, I barely made it halfway, a couple times.

So, yeah, I dunno, you guys got any tips? And yeah, of course my sprint is on, level 4. It just feels like my character says, at points “yeah, I am not jumping,I already jumped a couple of times on this try, I will just fall down.” And,as a plan B,is it possible to have a group member that can do the jumping part for you? Would that count towards my quest? If that can actually happen, then I guess I need to find some friends, preferably that do not suck at jumping in SWL as much as I do.

Thank you in advance.

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Try setting your sprint to level 1 or 2. I’ve found that makes the jumps easier for me.

It’s a well known rage-inducer though! I’m not sure if a group member can do the jumps and have it count for you but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

I did it with sprint six, don’t rush yourself if you’re not aiming for the achievement - just hit jump and forward together then line up the next platform and repeat.

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As long as you don’t try to get the achievement someone can pick up the herbs for you (grouped up). If you want to do it solo taking it slower is the way to do the quest. The game gets a bit dodgy when jumping of small platforms/edges so back up as far as reasonable possible before every jump from a platform definitly help the frustration.
The first platform is on a short trigger so it can happen that it disappears under you, the second set is on a far longer timer but needs more jump, and the third is long enough for the final three jumps.
If you want the achievement you are in for one of the toughest ones in the game…it took me ages to get the rythm down without screaming in frustration at the game.
Don’t expect that one to be easy. It saves a few seconds if you activate the second set platforms and than start from the beginning again.

Let me think if I can thing of anything else…no, not really

P.S.:Legends have it that the person that designed the quest is burning in hellfire and can therefor never design more satanical pain trips like Cost of Magic ever again. Joke aside the mission is infamous for being a frustration…

Yeah, at this point, I have loooong given up on the achievement, I just want to get done with it, move on to quests that do not make the vein on my neck dance like crazy, out of frustration.

Yeah, the one that designed this quest is one twisted being. My sleep and sanity,that’s the “Cost of Magic” :scream:

Great to know that I can get some help, I hate to be the kind of player that goes to a hub and begs for help, but I feel soooo freaking tired of this quest, I just want to get it out of my list, and I want no one to even mention this quest to me, ever again.

Thank you all for your replies! I will try a bit more on my own (I already tried following the advice you guys gave me,taking my time,going for a lower sprint level, etc, my character just refuses to work with me at times,I dunno). If I get way too close to my boiling point, I guess I will have to go to Agartha and pray I run into some kind bee, that has some time to spare. Again, thank you all, have a great day!

All of the platforms are exactly one standing jump apart. Center yourself on the current platform, face the next platform head-on, run and jump at the same time. Rinse and repeat.

It was the previous game director, now in charge of CE.

Like Aeryl said, don’t let yourself start too far forward on the platforms. Don’t rush - take it slow. Hit [Forward] then [Jump] in one fluid motion, then let go of [Forward]. Be sure to line yourself up before the next jump.

It hasn’t been nicknamed Cost of Sanity for nothing :smiley:

Or ‘The Cost of Masochism’. :smiley:

I love the mission though. Always have.

I was enjoying it too, then I was stuck on tier 4 since Wednesday…it just feels silly to say that you faced some enemies, snuck past some others, but you got stuck at the point where you have to do a few jumps, with no pressure from enemies :weary:

Oh, my fav thing in SWL is jumping, ha-ha. I was SOOO angry when I did CoM first time. But not too long ago I got achievement for this quest and yes, I can give few advices. First of all, you either need pretty good PC or just lower all your graphic settings to 1 (OK, maybe 2) - it will get you high fps and reduce micro-lags to minimum. Then take sprint II or even I. Here, now it can still take dozen tries but suddenly start to feel… kinda easy? Uh-oh.

Speaking of achievement, I can add that it will add you 5+ sec if you first activate sign on first platform, then get back, reactivate timer - and then go. Most likely will have plenty free time left with that.

Huh, guess that is worth a try, I do not feel any micro-lag, but is worth a try. And, if it takes me only a dozen more tries, then, fantastic, hell, I will even be happy with two dozen tries, at this point.

I just feel dumb seeing how easy it is for many people.I read a guide about this quest,and the guide maker was like “Yeah,I failed many times…I won’t tell you how many…okay,20…I failed 20 times <.<”

Meanwhile,I am probably sitting at a number close to 300 tries. <.<

Ehhh I used to stream myself running this mission, mostly to rub it in people’s noses that complained about it and would try to speedrun it (especially post acid lake) best record has been 3 steps into the ritual before the lake buff wore off.

I actually managed to do it,like,five mins ago, I was dancing in my room for my “amazing achievement” of doing tier 4 while not completely losing my sanity…<.< Using tier 4 sprint and, I think it helped me that I was aiming,with my target, for the middle of the flying disc thingies…also, I was as back on the circles as possible,for some little momentum…freaking finally,I am free…even tho I can feel the lore piece up there mocking me…saying “Oh,really,you gonna leave me be,after you finished this once already? Wow…”


What I do not get is why there is a platform jumping quest like this in a ‘story-driven, shared-world action RPG’ in the first place.

At the very least there should be a work-around -can’t do the jumping? Then there’s a coiled up rope ladder back at a nearby structure that you can use to scale the rock pillar, only problem is it’s surrounded by a relatively dense group of high-level mobs-kind of thing. Y’know, something plausible in the context? Rather than jumping (and falling and falling and falling) between a bunch of magic platforms (apparently made by gypsies your contact told you are superstitious but really don’t like to use magic) being the only option…

Took me years to complete that piece of Evil™…
My advice…runaway and never look back :frowning:

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Maybe it’s a ping thing but I don’t have any issues with it.

Oh my god I hate this part of this mission SO much. No exaggeration, the ONE time I ran this mission (never again…), it took me something like 300+ tries to get through this part. My hands were sweaty and shaking from such frustration.

…I nearly put my fist through my monitor when a friend of mine did it on his 3rd-ish try.

I have always hated this mission, but… it isn’t required to complete the story, and no other missions are blocked by it. If they give work-arounds for one type of content, why not everything else?

Also, with regards to work around, you can group with someone for the mission, they can do the jumping and advance it to the next stage.