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Apparently you need to have completed every mission in every zone to access the new pvp content. This rules me out, because completing The Cost of Magic is to all intents and purposes impossible. I’m talking about the magic platforms around the rocks at the end. Whether it is my hardware or the game or both, I estimate I am able to make a jump less than one in every five attempts. With (I think) 13 jumps required to make this mission, and an estimated 15 seconds per jump, ignoring the time taken to run around back to the beginning each time, it will take me something in the region of 580 years to complete, assuming I live that long and assuming I devote every moment of this miraculously extended life to doing nothing else but completing this sorry mission. I have always ignored the mission until now, but I gave it another go because of the new content… But that has obviously been made inaccessible for some players.

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As long as you don’t want to go for the achievement taking it slow always inching back on platforms (with the help of the slow walk mode you get when pressing Return if needed) aligning yourself and taking time it makes stuff far more doable. You aren’t in too much of a rush with the platforms that spiral up the pillar and it helps against dropping of from edges where it feels like slipping.

Coming from someone that did both the mission normally and the achievement on an underpowered laptop that lagged quite a bit.

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The new Tower mission requires that. That the Rosenbrawl does is complete news to me. Does it, really?

Rosenbrawl only needs an invite.

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Just group with someone and have them do the jumping :v:


Lot of ppl don’t realize this is possible. I think its actually possible to do this for other parts of the mission to a certain extent also.

I’m sorry, but, what exactly is this new PVP content?
I don’t really check the TSW twitter, if it was announced there, but, I did check the announcements on the forums, and didn’t see any announcements about new PVP.
The idea of new PVP content - any content, PVP or PVE - being introduced to SWL excites me.
Please, do tell!

You know the boxing you do in SA.
Think that in three diffrent skillsets/flavors thrown into something sort of like a fight club.
Pretty fun once you can get invited and someone is with you to brawl with. Also pretty balanced since you get equal footing and have the ability to pick the same loadouts.

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SA? Never heard of her. *
You mean boxing like in the Last Train to Cairo?
Forgive me, but as a long-time TSW PVP-go’er, that, to me, seems boring ASF.
ALSO Thanks for the info. <3

*This is intended as a JOKE. PLEASE, I humbly beg of you, devout rulers of the SWL forums, They That Shall Not Be Named, the Flaggers of the Cynical, do not flag my own post as inappropriate. Yes, of course, I realize the post’er meant "South Africa. I’m merely using the language of our time to convey a sense of, what the French call, a certain, “je n’sais pas” in regards to post-Tokyo content. Because I’m above picking corn like a level two WoW Paladin in Northshire. Unless, of course, you mean a Classic WoW, and in that case, I will gladly give blizzard entertainment my credit card information while refusing to do so for funcom in the - how many years has it been? - since SWL launched.


Excuse me? What’s wrong with picking corn? And does it mean you are OK with cleaning duties, washing grafity, repairing cars? Or it’s way too low to oh almighty you? They are great missions, seriously, and you aren’t anything special in SWL, sorry to disappoint you.

P. S. You do need only invite to new PvP, just ask people in chats, someone will give you one.

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The Rosenbrawl’s surprisingly good fun :slight_smile: Yes, it’s like the boxing you do during the Last Train To Cairo chain (and later in SA). The different types of gloves gives you some interesting differences in playstyle to experiment with. It’s not something that you can rule simply by using a cheesy build, it really comes down to skill and luck :smiley:


Trust me Nitachi rosenbrawl is utter **** ,there is no skill involved it’s not pvp it’s probably the most stupid content thats been added to this game,
however if you do want to see with your own eyes this pitiful addition, i’ll give you the invite so you can laugh your socks off at the embarrassment that anyone is trying to pass off as pvp.
It really does have to be seen to be believed. :crazy_face:


It’s better than any of the pvp in TSW :v:

What would these forums be without your sarcasm? defninitely a duller place :crazy_face:

How odd that i am not allowed to quote you & it auto edit’s my post for me @pilchenstein

It’s an issue with quoting a whole post- Discourse doesn’t allow you to do that, because, you know, that makes perfect sense and is in no way pants-on-head stupid.


It should only do that if you quote the entire post right above yours.

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Interesting. That has happened to me a few times. I just assumed something was broken.

So Cost of Magic was made by sadists with Joel even saying that the rage it generated made him happy

But if you group with someone you should be able to still get the trigger if you stand under the platform before they interact with it.

That said taking one to two steps back before each jump is definitely the best idea and if it’s anything like the old game Sprint above 4 makes it significantly harder.


This, definitely. I can only do it consistently with sprint off, or the lowest sprint. Repositioning to the centre of where you land each time too does help, as you say. Still not got the achievement yet, waiting until a state of zen calm descends upon me…