Blade and depleted museum pieces

SO can FC confirm as to whether or not getting peculiar box is dependent on having al unseen missions completed? because if that is the case, then there’s a chance that some people like myself ( owing to A tendonitis in left wrist and bad latency issues ( the black house ) who may never complete them and thus be excluded from attempting the New Mission . i get FC like to be clever and witty and fail in the process, but surely a more simple approach would be like a paragon board in the tower to access the new mission, rather than some inane Rng drop in a loot bag… so yeah can fc please clarify the requirements, given how it was your ineptitude in causing this hold up in getting the musuem pieces in the 1st place ,…, Cheers


You can get the Peculiar Box. However, you cannot use the box (or get another box to stock up instance runs, since they are unique) to get the mission unless you’ve completed all missions in game.

Be patient, we were on April 1st. :baleine:
There are things that may be changed after that date to better fit what Funcom wants.


Seems there is no need to do KD missions. I just got box from opening reward bag from SF side mission.


Wait we can’t use the box until doing every mission in the game? Is that for real?

That would be the hope, yes. Do I actually think that’s the case, however?

Unlikely. Their patchnote jokes weren’t implemented in the code, unlike how this spectacularly dumb idea was.

I’d be curious to know what this “spectacularly dumb idea” actually is in fact. Since the patch notes are a joke and some people still seem to be indicating that they have received some new content in the form of a mission or an instance or an item… Is there something new in game and is it possible for some players or perhaps even any player to somehow access?


It’s a mission that’s apparently very hard and given by a very rare item. It’s the punchline to the “no we didn’t test it” patch note. :v:

I got the box (new item that grants the mission) and was able to use it, but it’s literally impossible for me to do this mission. I know that at least one person managed to finish it but good god. It’s REALLY hard.

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Unless you’ve completed every mission in game, you cannot open said box to get the new mission.

If I haven’t redone a mission in SWL, at this point, it’s because I did it years ago in TSW and I refuse to subject myself to that mission again. And the fact that it is mandatory for this ensures that I will not do it, simply on the principle that that idea is spectacularly stupid.


Yeah, it’s almost as if they made it spectacularly stupid on purpose because the 1st of April holds some mysterious significance. :v:

I went through 90 Kaidan missions yesterday and today, and (of course) I got 0 boxes from that.
Assuming that I’m looking in the right place, my desire to subject myself to two layers of RNG (box first, then getting things to drop) is waning quickly. If I’m not looking in the right place, then screw that, obscurity is not only bad security, it’s also awful entertainment.

I got my box yesterday, while soloing a few E1 dungeons, so it might drop totally random.

This supposed “had done all missions” requirement. Can it be tracked reliably through zone/event achievement, or there are some missions that happen outside of their scope and are required?

Make sure your checking your mission item bag. I was expecting it to pop up in my inventory and didn’t notice it for a while.

I just got my Peculiar Box while opening glyph reward bag in KD. I have just reached The Pachinko Model tier 2 and have a long way to go. I hope I can use it when I’m done in a couple of weeks.

However, it is unlikely that this is part of the ‘joke,’ since the jokes about KSR and Inverter were not actually patched into the code. Unlike this, a mission which requires a set of achievements that, prior to this, were never implemented.

I don’t know which would be more of a stepping on your own dick move- this as an intended feature, or wasting the limited teams time coding such a feature for a one-day joke.

But, hey, feedback is probably limited to the same terms and restrictions as customer service, so in that case they can ignore my issue with this, because I certainly am not going to give them any more money than I already have.

And the reason for your own saltiness? just curious.

I might have to agree completely.

Why so salty? In my case, basically the cruel joke about us finally getting the long missing museum items went too far. No advertising, no real info, bad joke and apparently no mission nor items for most of us however much effort and money we put into the museum.

A joke is supposed to be fun, no? Also playing a game is supposed to be fun, right? This is not fun. Not at all rewarding, extremely frustrating.