Updated list of *still* missing Museum items

REQUIRED Upgrade Items

Item What it upgrades Where it dropped in TSW
Tank Commander Blade Japan: Orochi: Audacity or Folly centerpiece platform to Superior First boss of The Manufactory dungeon
Depleted Energy Cell Japan: Orochi: Audacity or Folly centerpiece platform to Paragon Second boss of The Manufactory dungeon

Optional Pose Items

Item What it upgrades Where it dropped in TSW
Sacred Soil Mud Golem Bounty of the Tlatlacatecoloh bags from killing Vestige of Nameless Days zone bosses during The End of Days event
Cybernetic Occular Enhancer Draug Lord Fourth boss of The Manufactory: Breached dungeon
Cybernetic Collar Werewolf Second boss of The Manufactory: Breached dungeon

Come on, Funcom. It’s been a year now. There are only five museum items that are missing. There’s no reason you should be dragging your feet on this.

PS. Do not put these items in the game for exotic currency like Fragments of the Third Age. That’s just stupid.

Also, the Forest Golem is apparently bugged. At Paragon it has the same pose skin/texture as it does with the optional pose item, Glowing Fungus, used on it. In other words, using the Glowing Fungus doesn’t change its appearance other than how it’s standing.


My Forest golem cycles through four different poses just fine.

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I’d have to go back to TSW to look, but I don’t think the Paragon version had the blue fungus on it. I think that only showed up when the pose was added.

In case Funcom reads this :slight_smile:, you could place

  1. the Tank Commander Blade on the Orochi cyborg who steps out of the tank at the beginning of “Assault on Orochi Tower” (because it’s a Tank Commander)
  2. the Depleted Energy Cell on the big hulk at the end of “The Right Round” which, for some reason, is marked as a named boss on the minimap (because there are energy cells lying everywhere and he ate one)

Several people from The Badgers (including myself) actually farmed that guy for a while when SWL first released thinking that it was the most logical place for that blade to be. It would work, but I’d just rather they finish touching up The Manufactory dungeons and just release them back to the game. This would be the best option since the two Manufactory dungeons contained massive amounts of lore and story points relevant to the overall plot of… you know… everything this game is about.

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Bi-weekly bamp.

BTW, has someone found the Clown Nose by now ? I’m several thousand past the 2k achievement and haven’t seen one.

An additional Optional Pose Item that has not been put into the game would be the Glowing Mayan Bones, from Bolon Yokte’ K’uh in The Road to Xibalba. It is for the Wrath of Aten exhibit.

Also, to Svella, as I am a forum noob in regards to quoting, I have not gotten a Clown Nose to drop, but bought on off the Auction House.

I got one as drop from the scarecrows in the BM Jack mission.

Yeah, fun stuff. Yesterday, I decided to run that mission regularly with my main and one alt, since “if it drops once, it can drop twice”. And - surprise! - today, on only the third run, I got a Nose :astonished: Thanks !

I still think it’s strangesuspicious that I killed thousands of Scarecrows in scenarios, BF and SC and never saw one there.

They’ve been around apparently. They’re an incredibly rare drop, but you can find them on the AH for 1k MoF or less. Just look once a day and you’ll find one within a week.

Still no news? Stuck with Museum completion without a Tank Commander Blade.

If its anything like Friendship is Murder maybe they’ll just delete that wing… Problem solved right?

Lol, I haven’t seen they deleted that achievement, before you mentioned it!

Have they wrote something in a patch?

Nah. Ninja Fix

I’m not sure I like this method of fixing things.

!3th Nov 2018

[Achievements] Please allow players to do the achievement ‘Prestigous Benefactor’ in the Museum of the Occult ’ (Achievment is under the sub heading ‘wings’) by providing an way for us to obtain the item 'Tank Commander BLade’ which is needed upgrade the centrepiece ‘Orochi Tank’.

If you cannot provide any better way to obtain it - why not please give your GMS a way to provide this missing item (Qty 2 needed) to players who submit a peition? at the moment , raising a petition is waste of player and GM time as they can only provide a ‘sorry nothing we can do’ response.

I’d appreciate a fix to and bet other players would. The museum is considerable time effort and this is blocking the capstone Achievment. Can you please do anything to help?


Careful what you wish for! Just like Friendship is murder… Next update! Prestigious Benefactor GONE!

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Yet another month has ticked by… Come on Funcom - put the missing items onto a Vendor or let GMs create them please (the Vendor option would save wasting GM time). It’s obvious to players that you could easily do this and it’s rather a case of won’t bother.

Consdering the time/effort it takes to do the rest of the museum it smacks of contempt for your players efforts.

@AndyB where is your help with this?


Yes, the only reason they haven’t put them in as a vendor item is because of contempt for the players.

Not like doing that is the same as saying “we are never bringing MFA/B back” or anything.