Bazaar Items Missing From Benches

I was going to craft some sleeping furs from my artisan bench yesterday only to find them missing. Perplexed about this I changed activities and went about to install some golem armor I had previously crafted on an armor display. Only I then discovered that it was faded out and said I did not have permissions to use it, despite having previously bought it from the bazaar. Perplexed by this I looked for it in my armorer’s bench only to find it missing. I then changed activities again to place some more armor displays, only to find the same was true about armor displays. This was odd as I had literally just placed a pair of armor displays previously that day. I then went to my bench and found the armor displays missing, the hunting tent missing and anything arcane (curio cabinets, bookcases, tables candlebras bookshelves etc.) all missing. There is probably more, (I suspect apothecary cabinets as well though am not sure) but I have been stuck on a loading loop today and can’t get in. I know I had permissions to all of these as I had bought them all from the bazaar and crafted them before. Also I no longer have permissions for any of the battlepass potions in my possession.

This can’t just be Funcom discontinuing items as it is all the items at once being discontinued, and I paid good money for all of them, which doesn’t make any sense for them to do.

Oh also then when I changed activities yet again to go hunting, I found that apparently the gazelles and antelope no longer seem to be dropping heads.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems? Can someone explain what is going on here?

Relog fixes that :slight_smile:

Greetings NeonOctopus!
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