Battle Pass and Bazaar items not appearing

I’ve gotten to level 58 in the battle pass through 17 hours of grinding.
I’ve bought multiple items in the Bazaar.

Now all of a sudden I can not craft them.
The Sandstone tileset from the Bazaar does not show up under the hammer.
The armors to not appear in the armor bench.
However, the Ancestral Knowledge tab shows them there, but the background to them is yellow, and it says they’re not unlocked.

So all this time I’ve grinded, and all this money I’ve spent and now I can’t even access the items.
Gotta admit this is pretty damn frustrating.

I’m having this exact issue on xbox!

Greetings Cladivan!
Welcome back to our forums and thank you for reporting this issue regarding your Battlepass and Bazaar items.

In order for our team to properly assess the issue, could you please provide us the following information:
1 - Are you playing in an Official Server or Private Server?
2 - If playing on a Private Server, are you using mods?
3 - Could you send a screenshot of the reported issue?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there! I cant use any of the Battle Pass items I have unlocked. I am a PS4 player playing on a private server. I have looked everywhere and not able to find any info how to fix it. If you can please help or direct me to where I should be looking.

Thank you

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