Bazaar items are missing

Basic Info:

Platform: Game Pass
Issue Type: Bazaar
Game Mode: N/A
Server Type: Single player, Official, Private
Map: Both
Server Name: N/A
Mods: None (because Xbox doesn’t support them)

Bug Description: Bazaar purchases are no longer craftable

Bug Reproduction: Try to place Bazaar or Battle Pass items

Prior to the Chapter 4 patch, I started having problems with using Bazaar items (e.g., Turanian expansion, War Torn Nemedian, etc). I did not check any battle pass items.

The purchased bazaar items showed up in Ancestral Knowledge as orange (unlockable) but couldn’t be unlocked on either single player or a private server. Now, they don’t show up at all.

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Greetings @corpcow ,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please submit a ticket to our Help center so our team can investigate what’s happening in your account.

Make sure to select “in-game purchase” as the issue type.

Have a great week!

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